Condition Leading to 2 Years Sleep Disorder

2-year-old syndrome is one of the biggest factors that can cause sleep problems. But that’s not the only reason for his child’s sudden awakening in the middle of the night, having trouble falling back asleep, and irregular daytime sleepiness. In this article, we talked about the situations that lead to sleep disorders and solutions for the age of 2!

1. Developmental changes

Developmental changes and increased sense of independence are among the leading causes of 2-year-old sleep problems. Experts generally say that children’s sleep problems occur during the period when they begin to walk and talk.

Children start walking shortly after their first birthday. Even the late toddler’s legs are getting stronger during this period. This new physical achievement of the child inevitably affects his sleep. Especially when he takes the first step.

2. Waking up at night

Waking up at night is also among the common problems of 2-year-old sleep disorder. Children can get up at night and stand up in their beds while they are napping. As they walk along the railings of the bed, they suddenly wake up and do not know where they are or how they can go back to sleep.

During this period, muscle spasms and the feeling of falling can also cause the baby to wake up. You can understand this feeling if you think about how many times he falls during the day.

3. Watching TV and videos

Media elements such as television and video can cause a 2-year-old child to have trouble sleeping. Because these media outlets cause children to be overstimulated or to be obsessed with images that will make them lose their sleep. Although children’s REM periods decrease by approximately 35% at one year of age, this does not prevent them from continuing to dream.

Although they have nightmares, they experience more night terrors during this period. These are more like physical stimulation and manifestation than bad dreams. Young children often wake up from their slumber as they experience these moments over and over again in their sleep. So the longer the kid is away from the media, the better.

4. Behavior of older siblings

Another thing that causes 2-year-old sleep problems is the behavior of the child’s older siblings. When young children start to walk, they can become jokes for their older brothers or sisters. Such actions can affect them and cause them to wake up with sadness some nights. Please pay attention to brothers and sisters.

5. Health and environmental issues

Physical and environmental problems may lie behind sleep problems in 2-year-old babies. If your little one used to sleep well and suddenly started having trouble sleeping as a young child, you need to look for clues about her health and environment.

Sleeping patterns may seem like a simple matter, but when it comes to practice, it’s not like that at all. Even putting your baby to bed during an illness like the flu can cause him to wake up at night.

6. Long daytime naps

While regular daytime naps provide good night sleep in young babies, a late waking daytime nap in babies older than one year steals their night’s sleep.

If your child is used to going to sleep late in the afternoon, Tracy Hogg recommends pushing that sleep forward and waking him up if he’s still sleeping around 3:30 PM. Otherwise, she will not feel ready for sleep because the activity time that her child will use to spend her energy is shortened.

7. Curiosity

Young children are interested in just about everything. A child who comes out of his deep sleep can succumb to his curiosity because of a tiny light leaking from under the door or a tiny sound from the light on-off button. This endless curiosity causes sleep problems in 2 year old babies and it is much more difficult for the child to go back to sleep than in the past.

8. Faulty parenting

If your baby wakes up for the first time at night, beware! At this point, it is very important not to do wrong parenting. If he rushes in, takes her in his arms and says, “I’m just going to calm him down by reading a book tonight.” If you get into the thought of it, there’s a good chance that he’ll get up again the next night and ask you to read to him again.

Moreover, when he gets up again the next night, this time, two glasses of water and an additional request for a hug can be added to the menu. On the third night, everything becomes clear for him and at the end of this, you are stuck in a huge trap. Your attitude is extremely important to him, as what your baby does and your response to it afterwards allows him to connect with the event.

Let’s say that the probes tried as one of the methods of putting the 2-year-old child to sleep are also within the scope of faulty parenting. Any object or action that your baby is dependent on to sleep is called a “prop”. If you’ve rocked your baby to sleep in the past, or have engaged in behaviors such as breastfeeding before falling asleep, these become a habit for your child. These, in turn, cause sleep problems in children in the future.

9. “No!” period

2-year-old syndrome is one of the most effective factors that cause sleep problems. Perhaps the most depressing event of this syndrome is to say “no” to everything. Young children feel very powerful when they learn this word and they love to use it.

Sleep problems that naturally arise when he shows faulty parenting behaviors from the beginning; not related to developmental characteristics such as early waking, nocturnal awakenings, irregular daytime sleepiness, and probe addiction; it’s more about ingrained bad habits.

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