Did you do a normal cesarean birth?

As the moment for you to hug your baby approaches, some fears about your birth will fall into you, so “Normal birth or cesarean section?” You will search for an answer. In our article, we have discussed these two birth types with the curve and the right and explained which one you should prefer and why.

First of all, let’s briefly explain these two birth types with their benefits, harms and realizations so that you can compare.

What is a normal birth?

Vaginal births that develop spontaneously without the need for any intervention within the 38th and 41st weeks of pregnancy are called normal births. Before the birth begins, there are contractions, pains and breaking of water.

In your head, “Is a normal birth difficult?” The question keeps coming back, we know. It is a well-known fact that before and during normal childbirth is somewhat painful. But if there is no situation that threatens your and your baby’s health, this will be the most beneficial delivery method.

What is a cesarean delivery?

If you cannot have a normal birth due to an existing health problem in you or your baby, or if your psychology does not allow for this, you may prefer a cesarean delivery. Since you will receive anesthesia during cesarean delivery, you will not feel pain, but you may experience troublesome situations in the future.

In cesarean section, general or spinal anesthesia is applied first, the abdominal wall and the uterus are cut and the baby is born from here. In other words, you actually give birth to your baby with a surgery.

Benefits and harms of cesarean and normal birth

Benefits of normal birthBenefits of cesarean delivery
You will recover much more easily after a normal delivery.If your baby or you have a health problem, it’s the safest way that won’t put both your lives at risk.
You will stay in the hospital for a maximum of 1 day.You will not experience the pain during normal delivery. In this way, your psychology will not be adversely affected.
You can take care of your baby right away.There is no uncertainty in terms of time as in normal birth, you can give birth at the date and time determined by your doctor. In this respect, it provides comfort.
More milk production.
You lose weight much faster.
The risk of infection is very low.
You can easily remove the placenta and other baby residues from your body.
Your baby’s immune system will be stronger.
The baby does not experience respiratory problems.
The sucking reflex becomes much stronger.
The risk of your baby being taken to intensive care or a tub is very low.
The harms of normal birthThe harms of cesarean delivery
If the birth takes too long, the baby may be deprived of oxygen.You may need to stay in the hospital for up to 1 week after delivery.
If the pushing is not enough, the baby’s head or shoulders may be damaged due to the vacuum process.You may experience a delayed and painful healing process.
You may have birth lacerations. But this is a situation that can be overcome with regular care and attention. This article will help you: Postpartum Perineum Care in 9 Items
Your milk production may be low.
It may be more difficult for you to lose your birth weight.
You may be at greater risk of getting an infection.
Varicose veins may occur in the legs.
You may experience heavy bleeding.
Your baby’s immune system may be weaker.
You are at greater risk of postpartum depression. You can learn more from this article: Everything You’ve Ever Wondered About Pregnancy Depression and Postpartum Depression in 9 Questions!

Caesarean section or difficult or normal birth?

We are sure that you have such a question in your mind. Of course, both birth types have their own challenges. We can make the comparison like this:

Difficulties of normal birthDifficulties of cesarean delivery
You can suffer for a very long time to get the uterus to open.You won’t be in pain during a cesarean delivery, but it will be painful afterward.
Pains are painful, so sometimes they can become unbearable (Of course, this varies from person to person).It takes a long time to recover after giving birth.
Since you will have a vaginal birth, tears may occur in your perineum or an episiotomy may be performed. This can be extra painful for postpartum.You do not have a perineal tear, but there may be pain in the incision sites and stitches.
You may experience vaginal enlargement.It takes a long time for you to take care of your baby, lose weight, and return to your daily life after birth.

Based on this information, you can understand which type of birth is more difficult for you.

How do you know if you will have a normal birth or a cesarean delivery?

Although this decision is sometimes optional, it is usually based on the health of you and your baby. If you do not have any health problems and your baby is developing well, there is no reason not to have a normal birth. However;

  • high blood pressure and sugar,
  • heart problems,
  • respiratory problems,
  • If you are experiencing conditions such as blood clotting problems, it may be possible to have a cesarean section with the guidance of your doctor, as normal birth will carry a risk.

In addition, during birth;

  • premature separation of the placenta,
  • rupture of the uterus,
  • sagging of the umbilical cord,
  • You can have a cesarean delivery for reasons such as the baby’s lack of oxygen and not being able to get into the appropriate position. All of these are mandatory health-related conditions.

However, there is also an optional cesarean section. If you are afraid of normal birth, do not want to live long hours with pain and think that your psychology will be adversely affected by this situation, you can choose a cesarean delivery. However, optional cesarean section is a controversial issue in our country and the restriction of this situation is frequently on the agenda.

Caesarean section or more expensive, normal birth?

Cesarean delivery; It is more expensive than normal birth because of the redundancy of the equipment used and the medical team, and it is a more difficult job. Especially in private hospitals, the difference in wages between these two births can be very noticeable.

There is a price difference between two births in public hospitals, but it is a little more affordable than private hospitals.

Is it possible to have a normal birth after cesarean section?

The probability of having a normal birth (VBAC) after a cesarean is unfortunately a bit low and risky. To do this, you must meet certain conditions. Among these conditions;

  • Having a successful birth story,
  • The absence of factors that cause you to have a previous cesarean section in your current pregnancy,
  • Absence of twin pregnancy
  • You have had at least one cesarean delivery.

Should normal birth or cesarean delivery be preferred in twin pregnancy?

The most important situation that will determine this situation is the position of your babies! In normal birth, the baby’s head is expected to enter the birth canal first. It is much easier to take this position when the baby is single, but due to the narrowing of the uterus in twin pregnancy, one may take the correct position while the other may stay in the opposite direction. If the babies are like this, cesarean section is preferred.

If the babies come in order and are healthy, if there is no factor preventing you, there is no problem in choosing normal birth in twin pregnancies. However, as we mentioned above, if there are situations that threaten health, the method that should be applied is definitely cesarean section. The person who will give you the most accurate information on this subject will be your doctor.

In this case, is normal birth or cesarean delivery a more correct option?

We talked about the details of both birth types. Each of them has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. The choice should actually be shaped entirely according to the health status of you and your baby. Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Gonca Saraç says that her doctor should decide which method is correct.

All experts agree that normal birth is the most correct and natural way . Since the relationship between women who have given birth normally and their babies starts from the very first seconds, the bond between them is thought to be very different. You know the other benefits it provides. However, if you have health problems, of course, the chosen method should be cesarean section. Of course, with the guidance of your doctor, the fear of childbirth should also be evaluated.

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