Do Babies Have Hemorrhoids?

Because they are so small, it is unlikely that babies can have hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids may occur in children and infants due to reasons such as constipation and anal fissures. In this article, we talked about how to detect and treat hemorrhoids in babies. Let’s start!

Do babies have hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids can affect people from any group, regardless of age and gender. It is normal to think that babies will have hemorrhoids because they are still very young, but although rare, hemorrhoids can be seen in babies and children.

Do newborn babies have hemorrhoids , let’s clarify this issue. The constipation factor that triggers hemorrhoids is not seen in infants. Since newborn babies only receive breast milk, the probability of such a situation is very low. There may be extreme situations, as some babies have to be formula-fed from birth. However, if you think there is a problem with your newborn’s breech, it may be due to congenital breech problems.

In summary, don’t say if you have hemorrhoids at a young age. Unfortunately, this problem is not limited to adults only. Hemorrhoids can occur in babies and children of all ages at certain periods of life.

What causes hemorrhoids in babies?

Constipation is the most common cause of hemorrhoids. If you exclusively breastfeed your baby, the chances of getting constipated are low. However, if she is formula-fed or has switched to solid food, her baby is at risk of becoming constipated. Well, when we look at all the causes, what causes hemorrhoids in babies and children, let’s list:

  • Constipation (not getting enough fiber, thirst and lack of exercise),
  • Anal fissure (blood when wiped to clean stool).

Symptoms of hemorrhoids in babies

You may suspect hemorrhoids when you see swollen and irritated lumps around your baby’s anus. Sometimes, a piece of meat is seen in the rectum in babies during cleaning after defecation. This lump of flesh may indicate a hemorrhoid. Common symptoms seen:

  • Blood or mucus in the stool
  • blood in the diaper,
  • Bright red blood around the anus
  • Redness, burning and pain around the anus,
  • Itching and irritation around the anus
  • Breast formation inside or outside the anus,
  • Crying during gas or defecation,
  • Stool is hard and dry.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids in infants and children may also be similar to anal fissure caused by anal fissure.

  • Having bright red blood streaks in the stool,
  • Mucus coming from the anus
  • Crying during bowel movements
  • Hardness and dryness in stool may indicate such a condition.

Which doctor to go to for hemorrhoids in babies?

If you suspect hemorrhoids in your baby, you should immediately make an appointment with pediatric surgery. The treatment of hemorrhoids is performed by a general surgeon, also known as a proctology specialist.

Do babies get hemorrhoids?

Images of hemorrhoids in babies are often annoying. Do not be afraid of this image, which causes swelling and redness in the form of breasts around the anus. Just as hemorrhoids appear suddenly in babies, they can disappear spontaneously when factors such as constipation disappear. Well, let ‘s talk about how hemorrhoids in babies pass. Of course, nutrition, and therefore the parent factor, plays an important role here.

Because hemorrhoids are the result of hard stools, less straining and softer bowel movements are required. For this, you should pay attention to your child’s diet, exercise and fluid intake. When the constipation factor that causes hemorrhoids disappears, your baby’s hemorrhoids will also improve.

Does breech crack in babies go away on their own?

Anus fissures are evaluated in two ways as acute and chronic. Acute cracks, which can be seen at any age, can often heal spontaneously.

What is good for hemorrhoids in babies?

Let’s talk about what to do for hemorrhoids, and what they can do at home.

  • You can increase the fiber and fluid intake in your baby’s diet and use soft, wet and fragrance-free wipes to prevent further irritation of the affected area.
  • You can lubricate her anus with Vaseline so that your baby can defecate more easily and painlessly during bowel movements.
  • You can move your baby’s arms and legs to keep his digestion active. This helps with bowel movements.
  • Bathing for hemorrhoids is also a very effective method for babies. Putting warm water in the sitting tub and sitting your baby there until the doctor recommends it can alleviate the problems caused by hemorrhoids. Thus, the baby’s muscles may relax and defecate more easily.

Treatment of hemorrhoids in babies

There is usually no need for surgical intervention for the treatment of hemorrhoids in infants. The hemorrhoid problem in babies usually resolves spontaneously, thanks to the pain relief creams applied during the treatment and other methods such as bathing.

However, in some countries, surgical methods are used to remove or reduce chronic internal and external hemorrhoids in babies. Some of the methods applied in adults are also applied in babies. These;

  • band ligation,
  • sclerotherapy,
  • It is laser treatment.
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