Everything About Breastfeeding and Using a Breast Pump!

We know that breast milk is the most valuable food for a baby. However, in some cases, it can be difficult to breastfeed the baby, we accept. At this point, breast pumps, milking machines or milk pumps become the biggest helpers of all mothers who need breast milk .

In this article, we will try to convey to you what are the types of breast pumps, how to use a breast pump, and all the information you need.

Studies show that the physical and mental development of babies who are breastfed enough and for a long time are much better than those who do not.

In this case, of course, the most important thing for all mothers; enough milk and as much as possible! You can feed your baby with your own milk for the first 6 months and then up to 2 years old!

However, changing living conditions; The fact that women have a greater place in working life, some discomforts caused by the mother or the baby may prevent the delivery of breast milk to the baby through breastfeeding. But now, with the help of developing technology, it is possible to express breast milk and give it to the baby.

In which situations is it recommended to express milk?

 When to use a breast pump, let’s answer this question.

  • If you continue to breastfeed and you are a working mother, you need to express milk. In order for the milk to continue, you should express milk at certain times as if you are breastfeeding on working days. You can put the milk you express in special milk storage containers or bags and bring it home and give it to your baby.
  • If you are a mother of a low birth weight and/or premature baby, your baby may not be strong enough to suckle yet. You may also have to be separated from your baby for health reasons. In such cases, you need to express milk with a pump in order to start and continue milk production.
  • If your milk is not enough for your baby or if you want your milk to increase, you can increase your milk by expressing milk after breastfeeding your baby.
  • If you have too much milk, if your breasts are swollen, or if your baby is not able to fully evacuate, you should express your milk to relax your breast. So your baby can suckle comfortably.
  • If you have mastitis caused by the obstruction of the milk ducts, there will be a great pain in your breast. In case of mastitis, it is recommended to speed up the flow of milk. In addition to measures such as massaging towards the nipple, warm dressing, using lanolin, milking is also recommended.
  • Some drugs are contraindicated for use while breastfeeding. In this case, even if you will not give it to your baby while continuing the medication, expressing your milk is necessary for the continuation of milk secretion.

Expressing with a breast pump is a method preferred by mothers, but you can also express by hand.

How to express breast milk by hand?

  • Place your thumb on the brown area around the breast and your index finger under the breast. Keep both fingers in line. Support the breast with your other fingers.
  • Press your thumb and index finger inward slowly and in circular motions. Then release and press again. Repeat this several times. The milk will start to drip.
  • This process should continue for about half an hour.
  • You should take care to keep your hands clean and express your milk in a comfortable environment. The container in which you express the milk should also be of adequate size and clean. Be careful not to press on the nipple. If you feel pain in your breast while performing the procedure, you may not be doing the procedure correctly.

How the milking machine works: Types and use of breast pumps

The principle of operation of milk pumps is very simple. It stimulates the breast by imitating the sucking rhythm of the baby and makes milking by making the milk come from the breast.

  • There are two types of breast pumps, electric and manual. Most of the electric ones also have the ability to work with batteries.
  • There are also double types that allow milking from both breasts at the same time.
  • There are hospital type ones and it is possible to rent them.

How to use a breast pump?

The use of breast pumps, whether electric or manual, is very similar.

How to use an electric breast pump?

  • The breast is placed on the chest pillow. The nipple should come fully into the open part of the mechanism. Because when the milk comes out of the breast, it will pass through this open area and emptied into the milk collection container.
  • After placing the breast, the operation should be carried out in accordance with the working principle of the electric breast pump. In an electrical machine with a warning and milking phase, the udder is first stimulated with a fast rhythm. Then milking is done in slow rhythm but with high vacuum power.
  • If there are different suction powers, you can milk with the suction power that suits you. You may need to use different suction powers from time to time.

How to use a manual breast pump?

In milking with a manual pump, the breast is correctly placed on the breast pillow as we explained above. The piston is pulled and released manually and periodically.

The milk output from the breast will gradually decrease. When it decreases, it is passed to the other breast. When the other udder is completely empty, it means that the milking process is completed.

How to Clean the Milking Machine?

Milk pumps should be cleaned immediately after use. Because if the milk stays in the pump, it causes bacteria production. Milking machine cleaning can be done in different ways.

  • Manual mechanisms such as breast pad, milk collection container, pump lever can be washed in the upper basket of the dishwasher. However, it is recommended to use organic detergents and a good rinse should be done.
  • Hand washing is also possible.
  • Manual mechanism parts can be sterilized in boiled and covered water for 5 minutes.
  • All parts should be laid out on a clean paper towel/towel after washing and dried thoroughly.
  • Electric pump parts such as pipes and connectors should never be washed.

Note: Whichever brand of pump you are using, it is important that you read and apply the washing instructions of that brand.

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