Everything You Need to Know About Rashes in Babies

Little red spots have taken over your baby’s body! Rash in babies is a common ailment, especially in summer. Although it may seem like a simple problem, how does a rash that bothers your baby so much, what should you do to avoid it, read on!

Let’s diagnose first: What is a rash?

Rashes are pale, red spots that occur in areas where sweat glands are located (on the face, neck, shoulders, in the folds of the skin such as the elbow, groin and back of the knee).

In infants, the appearance of a rash is easily recognized as redness and red rash.

These rashes cause itching, prickling and tingling sensations in hot weather.

What causes a rash in babies?

Rash is more common in babies because their sweat glands are not yet developed.

When the pores, which are the small sweat gland channels in the skin, are blocked, a rash, or skin rash, occurs.

  • Your baby’s skin is sensitive
  • increase in temperature,
  • Dressing your baby too thickly to sweat excessively,
  • If you don’t wash it often, it will cause a rash problem.

In which areas are rashes most common in babies?

It can occur all over the body, but it is most common in areas of sweating, in the folds of the skin, and around the head of babies.

Rash is more common in blond and fair-skinned babies.

How do babies get a rash?

  • Dress your baby according to the weather temperature. Do not dress too thickly for fear of getting cold and sick even when the weather is hot.
  • Bathe your baby daily on hot days. In cold weather, it is enough to take a bath 1-2 times a week.
  • Make sure that there are no perfumes or preservatives in the detergent you wash your baby’s clothes in. Even if you wash your clothes directly with soap powder, it will be more secure. If you are going to buy baby soap or detergent, choose hypoallergenic and pH-neutral ones.
  • Do not use fabric softener. Iron your baby’s clothes instead.
  • Your baby’s room should be 23-24 degrees even in hot winter. Ventilate your room often.
  • Do not put wool or synthetic fabrics in direct contact with your baby’s skin. Choose cotton bodysuit type underwear.
  • Don’t use too many moisturizers in a row.

When to go to the doctor? How to use rash cream in babies?

The rash usually goes away within a few days and is not contagious. Of course, in order for it to pass, you need to apply the above, especially taking a bath frequently.

But if there is inflammation and itching on the skin, it is useful to take your baby to the doctor. Because another skin infection problem may have started.

The doctor may recommend a cream for the treatment of a rash. There are many rash creams on the market. You should ask your doctor which of the baby rash creams you can use.

Is there any herbal solution for rash in babies?

There are suggestions such as preparing a carbonated water solution for baby rash and applying olive oil to the rash area. But before you put anything on your baby’s skin, you should consult your doctor. Some of the hearsay information may be wrong and some may be true. The baby’s health is at stake here; so no need to gamble.

And of course, the extent of the discomfort is important. Maybe the rash cream that your doctor will recommend will relieve your baby in a very short time. But as we said, giving your baby a bath is the main solution.

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