False Pregnancy: Imagination or Reality?

How would you feel if you found out that you are not pregnant when you look like a pregnant woman? We know it sounds weird, but this is what’s called a false pregnancy. So, how to detect false pregnancy? What symptoms does it show? Let’s start!

What is false pregnancy?

Although there is no biological pregnancy, the condition that occurs when the person thinks that he is pregnant is called pseudopregnancy (pseudochiasia).

In a false pregnancy, it is thought that there is a baby in the womb and it is moving. However, what is thought to be the baby’s movement is involuntary contractions and bowel movements in the abdomen.

What causes false pregnancy?

  • If there is a strong desire to become pregnant,
  • If infertility treatment has been done but no child has been conceived,
  • There is a medical history of multiple miscarriage, inability to conceive, or loss of a child.
  • If there is a traumatic situation such as sexual harassment or rape,
  • If there is a concern that you are not adequately protected during sexual intercourse,
  • If there is a great desire for marriage due to psychological reasons,
  • If there are unresolved problems with sex or sexuality unconsciously, false pregnancy may occur.

What are the symptoms of false pregnancy?

Many of the symptoms are the same as pregnancy symptoms . In a woman who had a false pregnancy;

  • piece cutting,
  • Nausea,
  • Vomiting,
  • swelling in the abdomen,
  • Sensation of fetal movements,
  • Breast enlargement and tenderness,
  • changes in the nipples,
  • Breast milk production
  • Symptoms such as weight gain can be seen.

However, these are effects that can be seen due to weight gain, increased gas and fluid collection in the intestines, rather than the effect of pregnancy on hormones.

In people who have had a false pregnancy, the dominance of the brain over the body can even lead to menstrual interruption and milk secretion from the breasts. In fact, at the end of the nine-month gestation period, women even claim that they are in labor pains.

How to detect false pregnancy?

It is possible to appear physically pregnant during a false pregnancy. Even doctors can be wrong because of symptoms such as enlarged abdomen, nausea and facial acne.

Despite the pregnancy symptoms, it is understood as a result of ultrasound and hormone tests that the situation is not a real pregnancy.

However, the situation is so dramatic that even when told that there is no real baby and pregnancy, many women do not believe it and continue to wait for the due date.

Will false pregnancy test show up?

“Does hcg increase in false pregnancy?” You may be wondering. High levels of pregnancy hormones in the urine or blood are an important pregnancy symptom. Rarely, elevated hcg levels may be associated with tumors, but this is highly unlikely. Therefore, if there is no extreme situation, hcg values ​​are normal in false pregnancy.

In addition, “Does a pouch form in false pregnancy?” You can also ask. A gestational sac is one of the most important signs of pregnancy. If the baby is not seen in the ultrasound, there is no heartbeat and gestational sac, it is not possible to talk about pregnancy. None of these findings are seen in false pregnancy.

How to terminate false pregnancy?

Since it is possible to detect pregnancy with pregnancy tests and ultrasonography methods, false pregnancy rates are now quite low. However, if the false pregnancy still continues despite the tests, research is carried out on the psychological dimension of the event.

The reasons that cause false pregnancy to occur are eliminated with psychotherapy method. If the doctor deems it appropriate, treatment is carried out by trying antipsychotic drugs.

Is a false pregnancy the same as an empty pregnancy?

A false pregnancy and a false pregnancy are not the same thing. In an empty pregnancy, there is a real pregnancy that takes place in the mother’s womb. In false pregnancy, the person believes that he is pregnant for purely psychological reasons and the effects it has on his body.

Does false pregnancy occur in men?

Yes, false pregnancy can also occur in men. However, it is not exactly the same as seen in women. This is a little more about identifying oneself with one’s spouse and having a high sense of empathy.

Men who have had a false pregnancy may also experience symptoms such as weight gain, back pain, cravings and nausea.

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