Foods That Increase Height in Children

You want your child to be tall, flourish and grow, don’t you? Let alone your own physical development, you can contribute to its growth with some foods that you can add to your diet.

What are the foods that increase height in children?

With the birth of the child, it will grow continuously at certain intervals and this process will gradually end at the age of 18-19. What is important here and that will support the development of your child is nutrition and sleep!

exp. Dr. According to the information given by Nihal Memioğlu, children who do not eat fruits and vegetables and eat fast food are affected negatively, and diseases such as diabetes and obesity are triggered. Likewise, in children who sleep irregularly, growth hormone secreted during sleep will be inhibited, so their height growth develops differently than normal.

In this article, we will talk about many foods that increase your height, but the common feature of these foods is that they contain vitamin D, protein, calcium, potassium and zinc, which are very effective in child development! So when you offer your child these nutrients correctly, he will grow reasonably taller!

In the meantime, let’s be warned. Some of these foods can cause allergies, so be careful!

1-Milk, cheese, yogurt

Calcium is the most beneficial nutrient for bone development. That’s why when you think of foods that increase height, the first thing that should come to your mind is foods such as milk, cheese and yogurt that contain plenty of calcium. You should give these to your child in development age, we can say that these are the foods that increase the height the most.

Meanwhile, experts disagree on whether to breastfeed the child. We recommend that you consult your own doctor as well.

2-Meat, fish, chicken

Amino acids in animal foods such as meat, chicken and fish bind bone cells together. This directly aids in bone elongation. If you include these foods that increase height at least 4 times a week in the nutrition list of your child in developmental age, it is possible to monitor the positive change in height growth.

3- Cabbage

Cabbage contains plenty of potassium, fiber and protein. These nutrients also have an effect on bone development. In addition, it is an intense vitamin C store and thus has positive effects on the immune system and intestines. With these aspects, cabbage is one of the foods that increase height in children.

4- Sesame and tahini

It may sound interesting, but sesame can almost compete with milk in terms of calcium! Tahini obtained from sesame is also a full calcium store. If you don’t know how to offer sesame seeds to your child, tahini can be your assistant. We can suggest that you mix tahini with molasses or use it in some foods.

5- Muz

Banana has an important place among the fruits that increase in height. Banana is a fruit rich in potassium. In this way, it increases bone cell density and is very effective on general body health. For this, you can feed your child 1 banana a day. But beware, if he’s constipated, he’ll need to stay off the banana for a while.

6- Nuts

Other foods that increase height include nuts such as almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts, which contain a large amount of magnesium, zinc and valuable fatty acids. In particular, almonds increase the secretion of growth hormone somatotropin and thus have a positive effect on height growth.

7- Oatmeal

Another food that will surprise you with its content among the foods that help increase height! There is a serious amount of protein in oatmeal, and oats are very beneficial for child development. You can prepare breakfasts by combining oatmeal with milk; You can also make cookies, cakes and breads.

8 Figs

Figs contain plenty of fiber and protein, thus contributing to cell regeneration. Of course, this renewal includes bone cells!

9- Egg

Eggs are one of the biggest sources of protein, but they also contain plenty of A, D, E, B vitamins and iron. In other words, it actually creates a giant one-man staff for your child to grow in height, and therefore it is among the most effective height increasing foods.

10- Green leafy vegetables

Almost all green leafy plants contain vitamin D and this vitamin is very effective on human health. Apart from its effect on height growth, you should give your child plenty of vegetables containing this vitamin for a healthy body.

11- Carob

Carob contains plenty of B, B3, D vitamins, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. In this way, it supports the development of intelligence and body in children, so it is among the foods that increase height. In other words, you can support your child’s growth and mental development by feeding carob.

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