Games You Can Play With Your Child At Home!

Are you ready to get away from the overwhelming effect of the pandemic with the games you can play with your child at home? Come on, get away from your phone and social media for a while, have fun with your child with the games you choose from our list of games to play at home!

1. Balloon tennis

Let’s open with games to play with mom! The supplies you need to play this tennis game are two plastic plates, 2 wooden sticks and a balloon! First, stick the wooden sticks to the back of the plastic plate with an adhesive up to the middle. Then inflate the balloon and give one of the plate rackets to your child, and you get one. And let the game begin! Throw the balloon towards each other with plate rackets without dropping them. We have evaluated this game in the category of games that can be played at home, but you can also play it outside in nice and windless weather.

2. Band highway

Among the games that can be played at home in preschool, there is an option that will make especially boys happy. Men’s interest in cars is well-known, so your job is to provide a nice highway for him to drive with pleasure! All you need to do this is colored tape and a flat surface. This floor can be on carpet or parquet. With tapes, you can make a straight, zigzag or spiral highway for your child and drive the toy cars with him. For your child who is bored in a cold weather, you can create fun home games such as hopscotch with tapes off the highway.

3. Finger wrestling

There is no one who does not know the finger wrestling game! To play this game, you must first interlock your child’s hand with your own, but the thumbs must remain in the air. The aim here is to be able to take each other’s thumbs under their own finger with various agility. This game is a game that will activate the reflexes of the child while developing his fine motor skills.

4. Word hunt

Word hunt is one of the most enjoyable options among the games to be played with children at home. In the word hunt game you have to choose a syllable to say to your child. For example, let this syllable be “ba”. Ask your child to find at least 5 words that start with the syllable ba (such as fish, balloon). If he says something wrong, warn him and tell the truth. With this game, your child’s vocabulary will expand and the pronunciation of words will be organized.

5. Yes-no game

Here we are with a classic! There is probably no adult who has not played this game. We added the yes-no option, which was once the legendary television program, to the games you can play with your child at home. In this game, you have to ask your child various questions and your child should not answer yes or no to these questions. For example, the question you ask is “Do you go to school?” The child should say “I’m going” instead of “yes” or “no”. Start easy at first, but ask questions that will challenge your child over time and have almost no answer other than yes or no!

6. Dress ball

Role play games are one of the most enjoyable options among the games that can be played with the mother. There’s a prom at home! All family members should join this game. Let your child choose the outfit they want to wear for this event at home. Get ready long and together, then you can style your child’s hair, spray your own perfume. If your kid is a girl, maybe you can put on a tiny lipstick, if it’s a boy, you can touch your hair with a bit of jelly! Children are very fond of and curious about their parents’ belongings and their daily routines. In this way, you will satisfy his curiosity. After everyone is ready, you can sit at the table together and even play house.

7. Story game

You can include options that will trigger creativity and imagination among the games that can be played with children at home. In this example, the children are writing the story! You can start by picking up a book and saying, “Once upon a time, there was no one”. You enter the story, read a little. Then tell your child to bring the rest of the story with their own ideas. With this game, your child’s imagination will emerge and develop!

8. Word of mouth game

Let’s finish our list with one of the games to be played from where we sit. It is one of the fun games to be played at home, which large families can enjoy. In this game, everyone sits next to each other and the lead person speaks a word in the ear of the person next to him, in a way that others cannot hear, but only once, the next person whispers the word into the ear of the person next to him as he hears it. The last person to hear the word says it aloud when it is their turn. In this way, it is checked whether the word is understood as it was first said and whether it is said until the end. In this game, the word does not usually end as it is said.

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