Giving Baby Two Names: True or False

While looking for baby names for your little one, you have come across so many alternatives and are hesitant that you wonder if I should name two. Are there any drawbacks to naming your baby with a double name, how will you name the second name, should you choose the most beautiful baby names among the most beautiful?

What should you consider when choosing a second name for your baby?

While analyzing the names, the meanings of the names and even the energies of the letters are evaluated. While looking at the names of boys or girls for your baby, you may hear some things that sound good or you like the meaning, but how effective will the name you choose (including the second name) be in your baby’s life?

Quantum coach and name analyst Nilda Ferhan Efeçınar is not just for baby names; She also says that there are mothers who have had a name analysis done and faced some negative comments or who want to get the name they like as an addition. You’d better heed these suggestions when deciding on a second name for your baby.

Well, what are the methods that Nilda Ferhan Efeçınar uses when determining additional names?

pedigree review

It examines the surnames of you, your spouse, the baby’s grandparents, grandparents, and even the next generation if you know. If possible, it is also effective if you give birth dates. In his pedigree analysis, he analyzes many situations such as what comes from the mother and father, what the frequencies are inherited to the baby, whether there is luck in the material sense, whether it has good feelings in the spiritual sense, and the history of illness.

She examines which situations are too much in her baby’s karma and separates them as positive or negative. It tells you the letters you should avoid in the baby name you choose, and what the new sound frequencies should be instead of these letters. It offers you names made up of compatible sound frequencies that will include your baby’s last name and birth code.

So looking at the names and their meanings is not enough for the second name you will give your baby. You may like a name both phonetically and in meaning, but it may not be compatible with your baby’s pedigree.

Looking at the abjat values ​​of the names

Saying that each letter has a certain numerical value in Arabic astrology, and if that value is high, we say “the star is high”, the naming coach also puts the abjat calculation into action in the name analysis. He usually applies this method when he is undecided between two names.

Are there any downsides to naming the child two?

  • It is more practical to use a single name. It is easier to use a single name at school, at work, when your daughter wants to use her own surname when she gets married.
  • One thought is that two names cause identity conflict in the child. The name he wants to use when he grows up may be different from the name you use. Or, some pedagogues state that when a child is called by a different name in different houses at school, he has a problem finding identity.

In what cases are two names given to the baby?

  • When you and your spouse like two different names,
  • When family elders want to have a say in the name of their baby,
  • When you think that the two names make more sense,
  • When you want to use traditional and modern names together,
  • When you are undecided between two names, you can choose two of the most beautiful baby names lists.
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