Growth Attacks in Babies-Attack Week Calculation

In babies, growth spurts can cause sudden mood changes such as loss of appetite, sleep disruption and excessive fondness for the mother. Attack periods, also known as The Wonder Weeks, can be very wearisome for you.

“My baby has changed.” In this article, we talked about the calculation of attack weeks and the effects of attack weeks in infants so that you can be prepared for these periods that cause you to say. Come on, it’s time to don your armor!

What is a growth spurt?

Dr. Hetty van de Rijt and Dr. During the attack weeks, called “The Wonder Weeks” by Frans Plooij, babies can go through various leaps and advances. This period, which we call growth spurts, causes some temporary changes in the patterns and habits of babies.

What are the signs of growth attacks in babies, let’s list them for you.

  • Increased or decreased appetite
  • restlessness while feeding
  • Changes in sleep routine
  • Variation in behavior (wanting more hugs, crying more, whining, etc.),
  • Maternal devotion.

Jumping periods in babies can cause all kinds of habits to change. Especially sleeping habits can show great deviations during this period. You may suddenly encounter night wakings and frantic cries. Experts state that growth spurts provide important developmental changes in babies. Although it is a difficult period for you, after these attacks, you may see your baby rolling in his bed, crawling and even starting to walk.

How to calculate attack week in babies?

The calculation of attacks in babies is made according to the date of birth. So, if your baby was born 1 week early, you will be 1 week behind.

In which months do growth spurts occur in babies?

Experts say that growth spurts are more likely to occur during certain periods of the baby’s first year, especially. According to these experts, growth spurt weeks in babies occur in the 2nd, 3rd, 6th weeks and 3rd to 6th months.

You can see the growth spurt chart in babies below!

Since the development of each baby can progress at different levels, it is normal to have deviations in the attack weeks, these are approximate values. Even if there are minor plays, you can see changes in your baby on the dates we have mentioned. There are 10 jump periods in total in 20 months. Here are the attack periods of babies!

Attack weeks in babies

Attack week in babies can generally start at any time. Below, we have discussed in detail the changes that all attack periods have caused in your baby. Let’s tell you how long the growth attacks last. Growth attacks, which usually last 2-3 days in small babies, can last up to 1 week in older babies.

5th week growth spurt

  • This period, called the changing world of senses, is 4.5. and 5.5. starts within weeks.
  • Your baby can now see your face more clearly and therefore you can get that smile you’ve been waiting for this week.
  • His senses become more sensitive as he meets the world after birth.
  • Its internal organs and metabolism are developing.
  • We can say that it is a soft attack period.

8th week growth spurt

  • This period, called the world of formations, is 7.5. and 9.5. starts within weeks.
  • A week when gas pains in babies are annoying.
  • In the following weeks, when the development of the brain increases further, the baby can pass gas more easily by learning to speak to his muscles.
  • During this period, he begins to examine his hands and arms and starts to move a little more. He may demonstrate skills in controlling the posture of his arm or leg.

12th week growth spurt

  • This period, called the world of soft transitions, is 11.5. and 12.5. starts within weeks.
  • Welcome to the period when the little lamb started to move!
  • Gas problem gradually disappears as he learns to control his muscles better.
  • It can make different sounds and drool profusely.
  • You may find that your little one becomes very reactive to sounds and can do somersaults and develop their ability to touch and kick objects with their arms and legs.
  • It [with play rug]( needlari-yerdeki-yuvarkazan-zamani-en-cok-tercih-edilen-12-oyun-halisi_10872) It’s an ideal time to meet.

19th week growth spurt

  • This period, called the world of events, is 14.5. and 19.5. starts within weeks.
  • It is a period of comfortable weeks for mothers dealing with vomiting problem.
  • Some babies can make sounds using consonants during these weeks.
  • Finger muscles are developing, they are starting to hold the toy or pacifier given to their hands more tightly.
  • When they are full, they push the breast.
  • When you call your baby by name, you can see him turn and look at you.
  • It can better detect smooth transitions in sound, motion, light, taste, smell and texture.

26th week growth spurt

  • This period, called the world of relationships, is 22.5. and 26.5. starts within weeks.
  • Behaviors such as starting to cry when you leave, asking for everything you see, imitating the words you say appear in this attack week.
  • Even though it’s a tough time, you can pick it up with small games.

37th week growth spurt

  • This period, called the world of categories, is 33.5. and 37.5. starts within weeks.
  • It’s a time when she decides what her baby’s mood should be like.
  • It categorizes everything in this period. Can distinguish between certain groups of objects, senses, people and animals.
  • When her laughter ends, she may start to cry again, she may not laugh if she does not want to, or she may suddenly cry if she wants to.

46 weeks growth spurt

  • This period, called the world of chain events, is 41.5. and 46.5. starts within weeks.
  • It is almost the most painful of the growth spurt weeks. This week, which lasts for about 45 days, does not end.
  • In this period, the baby shows great developmental features.
  • He may start to step on his feet, bring the spoon to his mouth.
  • It can go a long way in crawling.

55th week growth spurt

  • This period, called the world of programs, is 50.5. and 54.5. starts within weeks.
  • It is one of the quietest weeks as an attack period in babies.
  • He or she may help you with household-kitchen chores or may spontaneously want to help you.
  • He may want to bring his clothes and go out, and let his imagination speak while playing with his toys. It’s not really an attack period to be afraid of.

64th week growth spurt

  • This period, called the world of principles, is 59.5. and 64.5. starts within weeks.
  • You are at the time when you need to set rules for your baby and he starts to understand these rules! “This is your room, this is your parents’ room.” You can start with small introductions such as:
  • Now your little one can start making plans and programs.
  • If he doesn’t get what he wants from you, he may get angry. You can negotiate and negotiate with him, he’s old enough to understand that.
  • “No”, “Stop”, “Don’t.” This period is the attack period when he can understand commands such as. It’s nothing to be afraid of, is it?

75th week growth spurt

  • This period, called the world of systems, is 70.5. and 76.5. starts within weeks.
  • Miracle! You are now in your baby’s last attack.
  • After 1 year of age, growth attacks take place in this period. “I do what I want.” The 2-year-old syndrome in babies, which manifests itself with its attitude, is also among the consequences of this attack.
  • He perceives concepts such as being honest, helpful or careful, and begins to form his own values.
  • During this period, your baby can learn the concepts of “you” and “me” and start to make their first drawings. You better get him a drawing pad before he starts scribbling on the walls.

What do you gain from knowing the growth spurts?

When your baby is very cranky and cries enough to make you think of taking him to the doctor, you take it natural and don’t panic. Knowing that this is a temporary process and how you should approach your baby makes it easier. By following the baby attack calendar, you can know the changes waiting for your little one and learn how to support him.

There is also an app where you can follow the attack weeks of the Great Weeks that have been made into a book with the same name. Baby attack weeks application provides great convenience to mothers, for your information.

How should you behave in growth spurts?

The best thing you can do in growth spurts is to observe your little one to meet those in need and of course to make him feel safe by hugging him abundantly. More hugs, milk, food and sleep can also be your other helpers.

  • First of all, read a lot of books to get to know her mind better during these periods when your baby can develop and acquire new skills. Choose activities, games and toys appropriate for your baby’s age to find out what can keep him busy at what age.
  • On the first day of attacks, you may feel like you cannot meet your baby’s milk needs. However, if you continue to breastfeed without worry, your body will adapt to this situation in a short time. It is possible to increase milk production with a balanced diet and fluid consumption.
  • If you are worried that your baby has another problem during the attack weeks, it is useful to follow the number of diapers and weight gain. You can also take your temperature. If you still have concerns, contact your doctor.
  • During the leap weeks of babies, mothers need calmness and peace at least as much as babies. It’s important to constantly remind yourself that this is a temporary situation. If you need help, don’t be afraid to say it. Remember that stress and fatigue reduce milk production.

Apply these crisis suppression methods during attack weeks!

  • Hug and caress your baby’s body to quell his tantrum.
  • Sway lightly in your arms or sit in the rocking chair with him.
  • Walk slowly around the room with your little one.
  • Talk or sing to your little lamb.
  • Gently pat her butt, it will calm her down.

Growth attacks after the age of 2 are among the topics that mothers wonder. Growth attacks in babies are over by the age of 2, and the psychological changes you see in your child during this period are entirely due to the 2-year-old syndrome.

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