Hair Loss in Babies Causes and Solutions

Hair loss in children can be a sign of a health problem, just like in adults. Moreover, excessive hair loss is not something to be taken lightly.

So, how long is hair loss normal in babies? What factors lie behind the causes of hair loss in children and what is good for hair loss? Here’s what you’re wondering!

Why do babies’ hair fall out?

  • Babies’ hair falls out before mature hair comes in. Therefore, almost all babies lose some or all of their hair. Therefore, do not worry about the loss of your baby’s hair in the first 6 months.
  • Lying in the same position or rubbing the head on the bed can cause hair loss in the baby. Therefore, you should encourage your baby to move and sit more. Thus, hair loss will correct itself.
  • Hair loss in 4-month-old babies usually manifests itself on the back of the head. This is because hair grows at different times and speeds.
  • Another cause of hair loss in babies is alopecia. This is a condition of abnormal hair loss. Although very rarely, babies can be born alopecic.
  • Let’s answer the question of whether the host sheds hair. The host problem can also lead to hair loss in babies. But don’t worry, with the treatment of the host, the shed hair will be replaced by new ones.

Is hair loss normal in newborn babies?

Due to the decrease in hormone levels, the hair of newborn babies falls out within 3-4 weeks after birth. This is perfectly normal. However, these hairs are replaced by new ones and become more prominent than the previous hair.

How long does hair loss in babies last?

As we said above, hair loss in babies may continue for the first 6 months. This is a normal case. However, if hair loss continues after 6 months, you should definitely contact a specialist.

What is good for hair loss in babies?

  • Let’s see how babies’ hair grows and grows. You can prepare an after-shower mixture for your baby by combining the gel in aloe vera with water. Washing your baby’s hair with this mixture after bathing helps her hair to become thicker and longer.
  • Let me tell you about another method that mothers claim to work based on their experience, although there is no scientific proof. After giving your little one a bath, you can gently massage the scalp with almond oil.

When is hair loss in children inconvenient?

Up to 100 strands of hair loss per day is considered normal, and this amount may even be higher on days when the hair is washed. Each of the lost hair strands is replaced by a new one.

However, if the child’s hair suddenly begins to fall out in handfuls and baldness occurs in certain parts of his head, you should definitely show him to a specialist.

What are the causes of hair loss in children?

Hair loss in children is often caused by causes similar to those of adults. Even children younger than 5 years of age can sometimes experience severe abrupt hair loss. There may be many factors underlying the causes of hair loss in children. These;

  • Ringworm (alopecia areata),
  • fungal infection,
  • thyroid,
  • genetic factors,
  • Alopecia aerata (It is an allergic reaction to one’s own hair, it is rare in young children.),
  • Stress (not common in young children)
  • Habits such as head banging
  • Twisting or pulling hair
  • Tractional alopecia (Collecting hair too tightly with hairpins or tugging while combing),
  • Inadequate nutrition,

Let’s answer the question of which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss in children. We cannot talk about a direct vitamin, but zinc and iron deficiency can be effective in shedding.

What is good for hair loss in children?

Treatment of hair loss in children varies depending on the factor.

  • Ringworm and thyroid-related hair loss are treated with medications. There is a risk that the child may go completely bald if the treatment of such disorders, which cause mass spills in places, is not started early. In addition, herbal treatments, creams and ointments are also used for hair loss caused by ringworm.
  • In case of hair loss due to fungal infection, it is primarily necessary to detect the infection that causes the shedding. Treatment is based on the results of blood and similar tests.
  • Hair loss due to genetic factors is not interfered with. However, the problem of shedding is tried to be slowed down with medication and nutrition program.
  • Traction alopecia can be prevented by stopping the use of hair accessories such as hairpins.
  • In case of hair loss due to vitamin or mineral deficiencies, a diet with vegetable and fruit weight is emphasized. Regardless of the cause of hair loss, you should not forget that the body needs enough protein to ensure hair growth.
  • For the treatment of hair loss due to blood diseases and hormonal disorders, first of all, some tests should be done and then drug treatment is started.
  • Psychological hair loss, such as hair pulling and stress, can lead to baldness in later life if left untreated. For this reason, you should definitely meet with a psychologist and ensure that your child receives treatment for this.
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