Home Accidents in Children and Prevention Tips

If you have a child, many elements in the home can be dangerous for him. Especially if your child is just crawling, walking and has a great curiosity to explore the environment, it is possible to encounter many home accidents. This being the case, it’s imperative that you make your home less dangerous for your little one!

In this article, we will tell you about multi-functional methods about home accidents and precautions in children.

Falls and bumps

Falls and bumps happen to home accidents at home. Especially;

  • stairs in the house,
  • furniture with pointed edges,
  • Children experience accidents in the house due to areas and items such as windows and balconies. Therefore, such items and areas in the house should be made suitable for living with children.

For this, you can consider the following tips;

  • If the house has stairs, you can put a child safety gate at both ends. Since these products are locked, they cannot be opened easily and prevent problems such as falling.
  • You can buy edge protection products for the hard and sharp corners of the furniture at home. In this way, even if the child hits these corners, it will not be harmed.
  • You can use bed barriers to prevent it from falling from where it lies.
  • You can install window locks on windows and balcony doors.
  • Again, installing mosquito nets on windows can be a safety precaution.
  • If you have a house with a garden and there are areas such as pools and wells in the garden, it is necessary to cover them when not in use.

Cuts and sharp object injuries

Located in the house;

  • Sharp items such as scissors, razors, knives,
  • Sharp items such as nails, pens, screwdrivers,
  • Glass or glass materials with a high risk of breaking and creating cuts, cut injuries in children’s home accidents constitute the majority of 0-6 years old home accidents.


  • Items such as knives and scissors should be kept in containers or cabinets that cannot be opened easily and at a height out of reach of children,
  • Again, hardware materials such as nails should be stored in closed boxes,
  • Again, glasses and glass utensils should be at a height that cannot be reached.


Especially home accidents caused by foreign body ingestion are very common in homes with children. In addition, respiratory arrest due to fluid or external factors is one of the most common problems. The first thing you need to do in this regard is to eliminate small pieces and granular objects, especially for children under 3 years old.

  • Items such as rosaries, necklaces, coins, beads, rings should not be found freely.
  • Grainy foods such as nuts, beans, chickpeas that may pose a choking risk should be kept in closed containers and out of reach of children.
  • You should prevent your child from eating fast, laughing or talking suddenly during the meal.

In addition to suffocation caused by swallowing, there may be suffocation due to an external factor. These;

  • Entanglement of items such as rope, cable,
  • The ropes and elastics in the clothes of smaller babies prevent breathing,
  • Items such as bags,
  • Covering large blankets or quilts, especially for babies younger than 1 year old,
  • It is the prone positioning of babies between 0-6 months. In order to prevent suffocation caused by these external factors, the above-mentioned items must be used and disposed of correctly.


The general causes of poisoning in the home are as follows;

  • Poisoning due to spoilage of some eaten foods, use of wrong or spoiled products, not properly stored,
  • Poisoning due to inhalation or ingestion of some toxic gases, chemical products,
  • Poisoning due to conditions such as cream, chemicals, insect bites,
  • Poisoning by gases from stoves or stoves.

To deal with these problems;

  • When buying a product, you should definitely check the expiry date and storage conditions.
  • You should definitely keep the medicines out of the reach of children.
  • You should not leave chemicals such as cleaning agents around and you should prevent them from inhaling them directly.
  • You should prevent children from reaching and using gas appliances such as stoves and cylinders.
  • If you are in an environment where insect bites may occur, do not take precautions beforehand.


Various burns may occur on your child’s body as a result of heat, electric shock, contact with fire. In such cases, the degree of burns can be very different. Therefore, you must keep your child away from the danger of burning.

  • If you use a stove at home, you should never leave your child alone in the room where the stove is located.
  • Likewise, you should not leave it alone in places with hot water, stove, hot food, working iron.
  • You must prevent your child from reaching the sockets. You can take precautions by using socket covers.
  • If there is a material such as a pot or pan on the stove, you should ensure that the handles do not turn outward.
  • You should prevent your child from playing with tools such as oven buttons.

Apart from these, to ensure security at home against all kinds of problems;

  • He should not let his child wander in the kitchen,
  • Unplug the electrical devices you do not use,
  • Always keep the doors of the kitchen cabinets closed,
  • Keep the garbage in closed boxes out of reach of children,
  • Do not hug your child while cooking,
  • It should not leave the bathroom and toilet floors wet,
  • Vehicles such as bathtubs and basins should not be filled with water,
  • You should definitely fix it to the wall against the risk of the items falling over.
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