How Did Covid-19 Affect Obstetrics and Gynecology?

The psychological state of people has a very important role in the treatment of some diseases related to obstetrics and gynecology. The coronavirus pandemic, which affected the whole world, also changed the functioning and treatment process in the obstetrics and gynecology department. While the success results of treatments in areas such as IVF, vaginismus, HPV are affected by Covid-19, areas such as childbirth and abortion are also reshaped by the effect of the virus.

How has the coronavirus affected couples?

The coronavirus is transmitted through droplets, that is, by close contact in cases such as coughing, sneezing, talking. That’s why social distancing is so important to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, it is very difficult to maintain social distance between couples. He says that especially working couples are more anxious about infecting each other with viruses. Dr. Sea Reach.

The freedoms and social activities of people who had to spend time in the same house 24/7 were restricted. And all of this happened very suddenly. Due to the increase in the stress coefficient, the tension and problems between the couples increased. Because social activities that allow people to discharge and feed the relationship could not be done. Couples mutually lost tolerance and understanding towards each other. This led to the breakdown of relationships, unhappiness and depression.

Coronavirus and IVF treatment

Stress in IVF treatment is a factor that directly affects IVF success. prof. Dr. Deniz Ulaş says that the Covid-19 pandemic has seriously affected the success of IVF by increasing the stress coefficient of the patients in the treatment process.

During the intense period of the pandemic, treatments had to be postponed. This is especially undesirable for older women. Because the ovarian reserve decreases with each passing month. Ulaş says that while this situation is not very important for young patients, delaying IVF treatment for 2-3 months in older women who are in critical periods increases the anxiety of both the patient and the doctor.

Coronavirus and vaginismus treatment

The underlying cause of vaginismus is mainly psychological. Due to subconscious fears, sexual intercourse cannot take place. Adding the fear of contracting the coronavirus to these fears, the patient’s stress coefficient increased even more, says Pof. Dr. Sea Reach.

Since health institutions are the most risky regions in terms of coronavirus transmission, patients who were considering vaginismus treatment during the pandemic period postponed their treatment. However, the earlier the treatment is started in the treatment of vaginismus, the higher the success rate. Postponing vaginismus treatment during the pandemic period has seriously affected the success of vaginismus treatment in this context.

Coronavirus and HPV (Genital Wart) treatment

HPV (genital warts) is a sexually transmitted virus. The risk of transmission to the opposite party with a single sexual contact is 70%. One of the most important factors for the virus to be eliminated from the body or for genital warts not to appear is the immune system. For a strong immune system, it is very important to eat regularly, sleep and stay away from stress.

prof. Dr. Deniz Ulaş says that it is an undeniable fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the stress coefficient in all people, in this context, the incidence of HPV (genital warts) has increased and the response to HPV treatment has decreased.

coronavirus and childbirth

Birth is a miraculous event that a woman will witness only a few times in her life. Pregnancy and childbirth itself is an unknown and anxious situation for both mother and father-to-be. During the pandemic period, the mother and father-to-be are thinking of both themselves and their baby. “Will my baby get coronavirus?”, “Will the virus injure my baby?” such questions come to mind.

At birth, the father-to-be wishes to be with his wife and hold her hand. He wants to immortalize this magnificent moment with birth photos. However, due to the measures taken during the Covid-19 period, unfortunately, we could not take the prospective fathers to the birth and the birth photographers to the delivery room, says Prof. Dr. Sea Reach. She says that this naturally creates sadness in the expectant mother.

Covid-19 and genital aesthetics

Genital aesthetics is a non-emergency situation that should be done in elective conditions. Ulaş says that surgeries were stopped in most hospitals during the coronavirus period. He also states that patients postpone their genital aesthetic (labiaplasty, vaginoplasty) surgeries because it is not an emergency situation.

Coronavirus and abortion

He says that the increasing stress during the coronavirus days also negatively affects sexual life. Dr. Sea Reach. Because negative emotions seriously reduce sexual desire. Ulaş states that there is a decrease in the rate of unwanted pregnancies due to better protection of couples who are afraid of having to go to the hospital due to the decrease in sexual life and the risk of pregnancy.

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