How is Toilet Training Given in 3 Days?

You can save your child from diapers with toilet training in 3 days! How this method, also known as the 3-day rule in toilet training, is applied step by step, let’s get started!

How many days does toilet training take?

This is about how ready your child is for toilet training. If he is fully prepared he can actually complete most of the training in a few days. In general, the completion time of toilet training in children is 3 to 6 months.

Where does toilet training come from in 3 days?

Toilet training in 3 days is an application that has come to the fore with the advice of Adem Güneş. In fact, he calls this method, which he recommends to give the child a toilet habit, the “3-day rule”. It is named like this because all the stages that need to be applied in order take 3 days. However, this does not mean that your child will complete toilet training in 3 days. 

However, if you and your child are ready enough for this process, it is of course possible to complete toilet training in 3 days after successfully applying the method. There are even mothers who can toilet train their children in half a day! Remember that the more comfortable you are, the more comfortably and successfully your child can get through this process. 

How to toilet train a 3-year-old?

Pedagogue Dr. Adem Güneş says that today’s mothers start to give toilet training around 18 months on average. However, this process is not the same for every child. Some children give signals that they are ready much earlier. the child;

  • Increased time to hold the toilet
  • Discomfort with the diaper,
  • Doesn’t want to take off his clothes
  • Curiosity about the toilet are important signs that he is ready for toilet training.

If you see these signals, you can now start toilet training.

Day 1 of the 3 day rule: Use poor quality cloth

Adem Güneş calls it the trial rule in toilet training. According to this rule, you should use a leaky cloth on the first day. Because in order for your child to gain toilet habit, he/she needs to feel uncomfortable by noticing the wetness underneath and seek a solution to this situation. Therefore, the lower quality cloth you use, the better. The child should feel discomfort by feeling the discomfort caused by this leaking gland and thus make an effort to use the urinary tract muscles. 

Day 2 of the 3-day rule: Remove the diaper completely

After the first day of practice, children who feel the discomfort caused by the leaky gland develop an understanding that they need to do something. Therefore, on the second day, you should not tie any diapers under your child. He said to his child, “Let’s not tie a diaper under him anymore if you want.” You can make an offer.

Instead of diapers, you can dress your child in panties and pants. In this way, the child feels the discomfort caused by the wetness more when he goes to the toilet and starts looking for a solution about what to do. It is enough to feel this wetness for a few minutes, you do not need to wait much. 

He may also reject the idea of ​​the child not being clothed. If this happens, don’t be in a hurry, continue using a leaky diaper for a few more days. Let your child experience the discomfort of wetness for a while. 

Day 3 of the 3 day rule: Offer help

Spending a diaper-free day can be annoying for kids. Some children can easily spend the day without diapers and begin to control their muscles, and they can come up with their own solutions. However, some children may be late to realize what is happening.

If your child suddenly stops walking and the shape of his face has taken on an odd shape, he may be getting ready to wet the bed or pee. When he notices something like this, he bends down to her height and calmly says, “You feel uncomfortable, don’t you? If you want, we can go to the bathroom together when you pee, and I can teach you how to use the toilet.” you can say. If the process proceeds like this, you have successfully completed the 3-day rule in toilet training .

How is toilet training given at night in the 3-day rule?

The difficult part in toilet training is to ensure that the child can gain daytime toilet habits. Because children usually stop wetting at night after they gain the habit of toilet during the day. At this point, what you need to do is to stop tying diapers under the child at night 3 days after completing the daytime toilet training. Adem Güneş, the cessation of bedwetting at night is not through education; He says that it will happen with the continuation of the habit gained during the day. 

What should you pay attention to in this process?

  • Constantly asking your child, “Do you have a toilet?” You shouldn’t ask.
  • You should not show exaggerated emotions and reactions.
  • You should not keep your child waiting on the toilet for a long time.
  • You shouldn’t show your kid his poop.
  • Most importantly, do not rush.
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