How Old Should Siblings Be?

A common problem that comes to the agenda in every family planning a second child is how old should be between siblings. Although the answer to this question is different for each couple, experts in terms of pedagogy have guiding views on the subject. What age should be among children, what is the ideal, let’s move on to our article that we prepared based on the opinions of various experts!

How old should siblings be?

Whether or not to have a second child is a situation that may vary depending on each family’s view of life, financial situation, expectations, career plan and many other factors. All these factors aside, it is necessary to evaluate the event in terms of pedagogy.

The first two years are the period in which babies feel a secure attachment to their mother. During breastfeeding, the mother must be in close contact with her baby at all times. In this period, sibling jealousy may arise as it will not be possible to spend as much time with your other child as you want. So how old should children be? Let’s see how big the differences are between those who have babies 1 year apart and those who are 5 years apart between siblings.

How old should be between 2 children?

  • If there is a 1-2 year age difference between siblings : If the age difference between siblings is 1-2 years, the child is likely to experience emotional deprivation. While pregnant with your second child, you may have to wean your newly breastfed baby. Focusing on your baby in the womb may cause you to neglect your baby in your arms.
  • If there is a difference of 3 years between siblings : Although the breastfeeding situation, which is very important especially for the first 2 years, is now completed, the 3-year-old is the period when the child is “self-centered”. Behaviors such as objecting to everything and jealousy are the prominent features of children in this age period. Although there are no major problems between siblings, it can be exhausting for the mother’s mental health.
  • If there is a difference of 4 years between siblings : Having a sibling after the older sibling has passed the difficult period of 3 years is the most balanced period in terms of mother, child and mental health. This corresponds to the age of 4 years. If you ask what age should be between two children , we can say that the age of 4 is a period when the older sibling will seek friends for socialization and sibling desire will occur.

If you ask what age should Adem Güneş say about this, we can say that Adem Güneş agrees on this issue. He states that 4 is an ideal age range for the child to socialize with his sibling. In this case, when the right time for the second baby is asked, we can say “4 years old”.

  • If there is a 5-6 year age difference between siblings : It is not recommended to have such an age difference between two siblings, as there will be differences between developmental periods. When there is a big age difference like 6 years between siblings, the big brother’s friends will be different and he will find his brother too young to play together.
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