How Should a Newborn Baby Bed Be?

leep is one of the most important events to support your baby’s development. When it comes to the newborn baby, it has a much bigger place, because your little baby will spend most of his life sleeping. As such, you need to choose the right newborn baby bed.

So how should the newborn baby bed be, what should be considered when choosing a newborn bed, which is the right newborn sleeping position? We have explained all of them in our article, do not choose a bed without reading!

Let’s talk about newborn sleeping positions first!

This issue is important because the sleeping position of the baby actually affects his health. Therefore, you should learn which baby sleeping position is correct, which ones are risky, and you should choose the bed accordingly.

1. Supine lying position

While this is the most common position, lying on your head for hours can cause your baby’s head to flatten. That’s why you should turn your baby to the left from time to time.

The supine position is also important for reflux in babies. Sleeping on your back with your baby’s head up about 30 degrees has a great role in reducing the reflux problem. It may also be beneficial to choose a bed that will provide this to your baby.

2. Side lying position

This is actually the safest position. However, it is not possible for the newborn baby to lie flat on its side for now. Your baby needs a back support to stay that way.

3. Prone lying position

Sleeping babies on their stomachs is a condition that triggers Sudden Infant Death Syndrome . Because in this position, the baby may not be able to breathe. For this reason, you should avoid the prone position.

What should you consider when choosing a newborn baby bed?

Newborn babies spend all their time sleeping in bed. They sleep about 18 hours a day. For this reason, the selection of beds for newborn babies should be in favor of models that will provide the necessary comfort for their sensitive bodies and bodies.

  • As we mentioned above, newborn babies have a risk of experiencing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) until about 6 months, and this problem is seen during sleep. In order to prevent this problem, you should not choose a mattress that is soft enough to bury your baby in and prevent him from breathing.
  • During this time, it is important that you sleep in the same room with your baby so that you can follow him. That’s why you can choose portable beds.
  • “How hard should the newborn baby mattress be?” Let’s answer the question. The mattress you choose should neither be too hard nor too soft.
  • You should not use pillows until at least 1 year old.
  • You should thoroughly check the materials from which the bed is made. You should make sure that carcinogenic and synthetic materials are not used.
  • Cotton is the best baby bedding material. However, since it is a natural material, it can carry various organisms and if you have an allergic baby, cotton can bother him. For this reason, the safest bedding material you can choose for your newborn baby will be sponge and its derivatives.
  • Newborn baby bed size is also important. For this process, 60×120 baby bed models are generally preferred. The situation is changing in portable beds, the dimensions can be smaller.
  • Apart from all these, when choosing a bed for a newborn baby, it should be one of the reasons for preference that it has features that will prevent problems such as baby reflux, gas, flattening in the head that reduce sleep and life quality.
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