How Should Babies Be Dressed in Summer?

Choosing unhygienic and unhealthy clothes in hot weather can cause some discomfort in babies. For this reason, we told you how to dress babies in summer, what should be considered when choosing clothes for summer babies, and what you need to learn!

How should babies born in summer be dressed?

Babies are very sensitive to cold in the first month after birth. Since the largest part of their body is their head, it is necessary to prevent heat loss in this area. For this reason, you should definitely wear a hat on your baby’s head, even if he was born in the summer.

Can babies wear socks in summer , let’s answer that too. You should also put socks on your newborn baby to protect his feet from the cold and make it easier for him to adapt to the environment.

  • 2-3 weeks after birth, you can start wearing cotton undershirts or short-sleeved bodysuits instead of bodysuits.
  • After completing the first 3-4 months, you can choose clothes in the style of cotton overalls.
  • You should definitely cut off the labels of all the clothes your baby will wear, and wash them separately using baby detergent .
  • For the first 6 months, you should iron the seams of your clothes inside and out.

Also, don’t think your baby is cold when he sneezes. He may be reacting to sunlight or clearing his nose. If you suspect you have a cold, you can check your baby’s neck, arms, and areas under your clothes.

How should babies be dressed in summer?

Specialist from the Department of Child Health and Diseases. Dr. Deniz Tamtekin states that this may be different for every child, but of course, there are some basic things to consider. Let’s tell you about them.

  • In summer, you should prefer single-layer combed clothes during the day.
  • You should use visor hats to protect your baby from the sun on hot summer days.
  • You should wear long-sleeved clothing that covers the legs during cool hours in the evening.
  • You should choose 100% cotton (or even organic cotton if possible), light-colored and loose clothing.
  • To protect your baby’s eyes from ultraviolet rays, you should wear sunglasses.

Pay attention to skin disorders due to sweating!

Synthetic and nylon mixed clothes cause babies to sweat more. For this reason, skin disorders and allergic rashes due to sweating can occur in babies in the summer months. You should be careful that the clothes do not squeeze your baby’s body. You should leave the collars, arms and legs of your clothes open.

Being in extremely hot weather or being dressed in layers can cause a rash in babies. For this, you should not overdress your baby, wash them every day and choose clothes that will absorb sweat when sweating.

How should babies be dressed to sleep in summer?

On hot summer days, you should be as attentive at night as in day care. Your baby’s bed linen should be of cotton fabric. Dressing your baby in layers on days when the air temperature is high at night can cause him to feel restless. For this reason, summer babies should be put to sleep in pajamas made of thin cotton fabric at night. Taking a warm bath before bed also helps your baby relax and sleep peacefully.

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