How Should Father to be Prepared for Birth?

You will experience the most enjoyable times of your pregnancy in the second trimester, which comes after the first 3 months of critical period. This period is not just yours; It’s also the best time for your partner to deepen, mature, and prepare to become a parent.

So, how can your partner help you prepare for childbirth? Let’s talk about this a little bit.

How should you plan the birth preparation process?

  • Make a detailed birth plan in the first place, it will make your job much easier.
  • List everything you may need during and after childbirth. Be sure to consider all the details.
  • What will be the duties of her husband from the moment of birth? How can it contribute to a successful and healthy birth? Think through and plan these together.

What can prospective fathers do during the birth preparation process?

First of all, attending the birth does not mean being in the delivery room. Many duties fall on her husband from the moment the contractions begin, from what to do at home to the birth phase in the hospital. Being with you without knowing anything, without learning the necessary assistance techniques will not benefit you.

  • Things to do at home from the moment of birth,
  • going to the hospital,
  • Knowing what will happen in the hospital room and delivery room,
  • birth information,
  • Massages and pressure applications to be made during the stages of birth,
  • breathing techniques,
  • Touching to help you relax is among the important information your partner should learn.


  • Attending childbirth preparation courses together allows you to spend the pregnancy process more peacefully and consciously as a couple. These courses give you the opportunity to get to know each other and your expectations much better, and to understand being a mother and father. After the course, you may find that many of your fears go away on their own.
  • It may be helpful to read books on childbirth and, if possible, study and learn about pain relief methods.
  • The birth may be more difficult and painful than expected. Your partner needs to get used to the thought that they can see you in pain.
  • The wife should be aware that she may see a large amount of blood during childbirth. Watching birth videos can help him get used to these images.

What is the last thing to review before giving birth?

  • If possible, try to reach the hospital a few times beforehand. It is in your best interest to know the exact route and duration of the journey.
  • If you have other children, make arrangements for caregivers during and after the birth.
  • Inform your spouse in advance of anyone who may call you after the birth. Don’t forget to entrust your mobile phone to him.
  • Try to rest and recharge as much as possible before giving birth. Both of you will need lots of energy afterwards.
  • Make sure you have everything necessary in the maternity bag.

What are the duties of father candidates during the birth process?

  • From the moment the labor pains begin, taking care of massages, sitting positions, breathing control, tracking the contraction intervals with the clock and the last additions to the hospital suitcase.
  • Providing transportation to the hospital.
  • Creating a quiet and dim environment when you arrive at the hospital (Because you will need an atmosphere where you can relax and unwind between contractions).
  • Taking care that the room is not crowded during the active phase (Even having a family member around you in this phase, which may cause changes in your temperament, may cause you distress).
  • Meditating together at the beginning of the birth process (This helps to remove unnecessary noise and fuss from your mind.).
  • Joining the breaths during contractions. Massaging and applying pressure to the points you want.
  • If you mean yourself too much; to help you relax by touching your legs, shoulders, chin and neck.
  • If epidural anesthesia was given , you may not be able to feel your bladder fill. For this reason, making sure you go to the toilet from time to time is one of your wife’s only duties.
  • To take your arm and walk you to take advantage of gravity.
  • To help you change your position in bed. If you are in a side-lying position, you should definitely put a pillow between your legs. Whispering some words of encouragement wouldn’t be bad either.
  • Giving ice when your mouth and lips are dry. He can wipe his sweaty neck and face with a cloth dampened with cold water.
  • Using the gentle massage techniques you learned in prenatal courses. (May massage your lower back, hands, and feet. He or she can use the gaps between contractions to relax and make you comfortable.)
  • Support your pushing. (It may help to push and support your shoulders as you hold onto the birthing table and pull yourself up.)
  • Helping you control your body by using your breath when you need to stop pushing.

Remember, there is a lot to do when it comes to giving birth. For this reason, it is important for you to have your spouse at your bedside to support you when you need it. However, if your delivery takes longer than normal, don’t force her to be with you all the time. It may be good for him to relax and rest by going out of the delivery room from time to time.

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