How Should Fish Consumption During Pregnancy Be

Fish is one of the most restricted animal products during pregnancy. Some fish, which are quite beneficial under normal conditions, may be harmful for you and your baby during pregnancy. This does not apply to all types of fish! Because some fish contain high levels of mercury, which is very harmful to your baby.

However, if you consume the right fish in the right way, you can benefit from this very nutritious food to the fullest. Let’s see how fish consumption should be during pregnancy, which fish should pregnant women eat?

Which fish should be eaten during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you should stay away from bottom fish containing heavy metals such as mercury and prefer oily fish that are mostly on the surface. You can see which ones you prefer from the table below.

fish for pregnant womenWhat fish can not be eaten during pregnancy?
Anchovy (if the sea it is caught in is clean)Mussel
Bonito (if the sea it hunts is clean)Oyster

Let’s elaborate on this.

Can you eat tuna while pregnant?

Canned tuna is among the fish that should not be eaten during pregnancy, as there is both a high risk of mercury and a risk of listeria.

Can you eat sea bream during pregnancy?

Sea bream is among the fish that pregnant women can eat once a week and not exceeding 250 grams.

Can you eat bonito during pregnancy?

Bonito can be consumed during pregnancy as it is a surface fish.

Can you eat anchovies during pregnancy?

Anchovy is one of the most harmless surface fish. In this way, it can be safely consumed by pregnant women.

Can you eat sea bass during pregnancy?

If you know the reliability of the sea in which it is hunted, you can consume sea bass fish during pregnancy.

In which months should fish be eaten during pregnancy?

There are no restrictions on this subject. You can consume any fish as long as you want and consume the right fish.

How many days a week should pregnant women eat fish?

Experts say that consuming the right fish 2 times a week and about 250 g is beneficial for pregnant women.

Why is fish consumption important during pregnancy?

  • It contains a large amount of Omega-3. This is very beneficial for the baby’s brain development.
  • It protects heart health.
  • It does not carry cholesterol risk as it contains nutritious oils.
  • It contains vitamins of group A and B.
  • It repairs cells.

How to consume fish during pregnancy?

  • You should make sure that the fish you buy is fresh. The scales and eyes of fresh fish are quite bright.
  • Consuming raw fish can cause some diseases, as in cattle and poultry. That’s why you have to cook the fish you’re going to eat thoroughly.
  • Products such as sushi and smoked salmon are not for you!
  • When cooking fish, you should choose methods such as grilling or steaming. Fish fried in oil loses all its nutritional properties.
  • A temperature of 145 degrees is suitable for fish, both to maintain its consistency and to ensure proper cooking.
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