How Should the Father’s Communication with the Child Be?

The healthy basis of mother, father and child communication has an important place for the social and mental development of the child. We told you what you need to know about how fathers should communicate with their children in order to raise a self-confident child who can express their feelings easily!

1. Making the child feel loved

The basis of establishing a healthy relationship with the child lies in making him feel loved. exp. Psychologist Zeynep Göktuna says that some fathers see showing love as an undermining of authority and avoid showing it to their children, no matter how much they love them. These fathers love and kiss their children when they don’t notice.

However, fathers’ physical contact, touching and hugging with their children has great effects on their children’s psychological and social lives. Children who have a strong bond of love with their father are more comfortable expressing themselves and conveying their feelings.

2. Being supportive and guiding

The answer to the question of how can I be friends with my child is to be a good listener and supporter. There’s also the fun part, but we’ll get to that later. Feeling understood and valued, the child adopts his parents as a friend.

Child and Adolescent Psychology Specialist Özge Merve Türk says that the father should be a supportive and guiding figure. When there is a problem, it is necessary to give a reassuring approach to the child without threatening or scolding. Just like in friendships. This is also an important basis for establishing a healthy communication between the adolescent and the father.

3. Sharing

Spending time with the child by playing games and doing various activities together is one of the best options to increase the interaction between father and child. At this point, it is necessary not to focus on the age difference and not to worry about the time spent. The important thing is to spend quality and productive time.

4. Attending events together

Another way to approach the child in the right way is to include a variety of activities that he or she will like. Creating an environment to spend time together and considering what the child might like will make him feel valued.

5. Setting the limit of love and respect

One of the most important points that parents should pay attention to, who ask how to communicate with my child, should be to use a language in which the border of love and respect is well drawn. Because fathers who try to show excessive love for their children can sometimes leave their authority to the child. This leads to the emergence of a situation where the management is in the child’s hands. The right thing is to make the child feel loved, but also to show him the limits and rules. The child should never forget that he is the father of the other person.

6. Being a role model

Communication is very important in the development of the child. However, the biggest responsibility of this job is on the parents, because the children become the mirror of their parents. exp. Psychologist Zeynep Göktuna says that if there is a behavior that the child does not want to do, the parent should not do it first. In other words, parents who want their children to be successful and hardworking individuals should first set an example with their own hard work. Feed your child’s positive behavior with praise.

7. Not judging when you make a mistake

It is important to remember that children, like us adults, can make mistakes. The child, who is confronted with a harsh attitude in the face of his mistakes, may experience problems in communication with the parents by trying to not share many issues and lie. Especially a feared father figure can cause the child to make more mistakes.

In the face of these mistakes, it is very important for fathers not to get angry with their children, to remain calm and to show the negative consequences of the mistake. Showing the consequences of negative behaviors to the child and ensuring that he takes responsibility for it will contribute greatly to his development. Punishing the child and criticizing him in front of others is a behavior that should be avoided.

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