How to Calculate Baby Shoe Number?

Since shoe manufacturers use different molds, baby shoe sizes may differ from each other. For your little one’s comfort and foot health, it is very important to buy a product knowing the correct size of the baby’s shoes. So how is the baby shoe size calculated? We told you what you need to know!

How to calculate baby shoe size?

Foot health is an issue that should be considered at all ages. Choosing a baby shoe size is a difficult issue for any parent when considering their child’s rapidly growing feet. Your baby’s comfort and health are paramount. So how is the baby foot number calculated and what should the foot number be according to the age of the child? Let’s answer your questions.

Foot growth rate can vary in proportion to the development of babies. At the same time, babies’ feet can be structurally different. So while your baby has a chubby foot, another baby’s feet may be thinner and weaker. Therefore, when choosing shoes, you should not ignore the structural problems in your baby’s feet. This part is ok, so how is baby foot size determined before buying a shoe ?

First of all, when taking baby foot measurements , you should take the distance between your baby’s longest toe and heel as a basis. After making this measurement, you can see the information corresponding to the baby shoe sizes in the table below.

baby foot size chart

Before moving on to our table, let’s answer the question of how many cm a baby’s foot grows in a month.

  • Under normal conditions, babies’ feet grow by half a size every 3 months until they are 16 months old.
  • From 16 months to 3 years old, it grows half a size every 4 months.
  • At the age of 3, babies’ feet reach half the size of an adult’s foot.
baby foot sizefoot lengthAge rangebaby shoe size
small duck11 cm0-6 is17-18
baby medium12.4 cm6-12 is19-20
Big duck14.2 cm12-18 is21-22
Bebek x large15.5 cm18-27 is23-24
child x small16.5 cm2-3 years25-26
child small17.5 cm3-4 years old27-28
children’s medium18.5 cm4-5 years old28-29
kids medium plus19.5 cm5-6 years old30-31

What should be the foot size according to the age of the child?

What should be the baby’s foot numbers by age, below you can see the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Also, let’s talk about a shoe size calculation formula that is very practical for childhood. Place your child’s foot on an A4 sheet of paper, then draw the outline of the foot from the longest toe to the heel. You can also do this with the help of a cardboard box. The distance between the two endpoints will give you the most accurate result.

What size are the first step shoes?

First step shoes are 17-20 size.

What size shoes does a 1 year old baby wear?

1-1.5 year old baby shoe size is 21-22.

What size shoes does a 2-year-old baby wear?

1.5-2.5 years old baby shoe size is 23-24.

What is the foot size of a 3-year-old boy?

2-3 years old shoe size is 25-26.

What size shoes does a 4-year-old wear?

The shoe size for 4 years is 26-27.

What size shoes does a 5-year-old wear?

5 year old shoe size is 27-28.

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