How to Clean a Newborn?

Newborn hygiene care, which includes bathing, skin care, and changing diapers, is important for your baby’s health and comfort. You may be worried about how to clean your delicate baby at first. In this article, we will give you information on how to clean newborns. We will also tell you which products will be suitable for your baby.

newborn baby bath

Some pediatricians recommend postponing the baby’s first bath until they are a few days old. Babies are born with vernix, a creamy layer that covers their skin. This waxy layer protects the baby from infections in the womb. Waiting for the baby’s body to absorb this vernix after birth is very beneficial for the baby’s health.

After you bring your baby home, you can give him a sponge bath (wiping bath). You can clean your head, body and diaper area.

What is a wiping bath and how is it done?

You can bathe your newborn baby with a sponge bath for the first few weeks. This is the safest way to clean your baby before the umbilical cord falls off. Before giving your baby a sponge bath, also known as a wiping bath, you should put all the materials you need in an easily accessible place.

Requirement list

  • Blanket or towel (to protect baby from hard surface)
  • a bowl of warm water
  • Sponge
  • newborn wet wipes
  • Uni Baby newborn foam hair and body shampoo
  • a small towel
  • baby towel

After collecting the materials, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a warm room around 23-24 °C for the bath. Take off your baby’s clothes and diaper. Wrap it in a towel.
  2. Lay your baby on a flat surface such as a changing table or your bed. Always keep one hand on it so it doesn’t fall.
  3. Do not remove the towel completely. Open baby’s body only for areas you wash.
  4. Start from the top of the baby’s head. First, dip a clean sponge in warm water and slightly wet the head.
  5. Since your baby’s skin will be very sensitive, thin and permeable for the first time, it is beneficial to choose products that will come in contact with the skin naturally. Choose baby shampoo accordingly. For example, you can choose Uni Baby newborn foam hair and body shampoo with natural ingredients. In this way, you will clean your baby without leaving any residue on your baby’s body.
  6. After washing your baby’s head with foaming shampoo, clean the foam with a wet sponge or newborn wipes. Make sure that the wet wipes you will use are clean. Then dry the wetness with a towel.
  7. Do the same to clean under the arms, around the genital area, and body folds. If the baby has had a neonatal circumcision, avoid cleaning the penis to keep the wound dry, unless instructed otherwise by your doctor.
  8. Don’t forget to dry between the skin folds. You can use a hooded towel to keep your baby’s head from getting cold while drying.
  9. It is better not to wet your baby’s umbilical cord. Drying of the wet umbilical cord is delayed.

Which wet wipe should be used for newborn baby?

There are many options for wet wipes. “Which wet wipe is more suitable for my baby?” or “Which is healthier?” The questions must be spinning in your head. You should choose carefully for the sensitive skin of your newborn baby. Babies’ skin is more prone to allergic reaction. When choosing, it is recommended to pay attention to the content of the wet wipes that you will buy, such as alcohol, paraben, perfume, synthetic fiber, SLS, SLES, dye. If the wet wipe you buy contains these substances, it may be inconvenient to use for your newborn baby.

Uni Baby newborn wet wipes

Uni Baby Newborn, Turkey’s number 1 and the only newborn wipes approved for its naturalness, provides the gentle cleaning needed by newborn baby skin with its structure woven with 100% natural origin fibers, purified water and organic cotton content. You can safely use Uni Baby Newborn Wet Wipes from the first day.

  • It can be used for cleaning hands, face and diaper area.
  • The pH value is compatible with the skin.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • It does not contain ethyl alcohol, paraben, perfume, dye, SLES, SLS and synthetic fiber.
  • It is produced in a production area with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate.

How to wash a newborn baby?

After your baby’s umbilical cord falls off, you can bathe him in the baby tub. Follow these steps to safely bathe your baby:

  1. Prepare all the materials you need before the bath. The materials are as follows:
  • baby tub
  • baby tub net
  • water bowl
  • Baby bath towel (better with a hood)
  • newborn baby tea towel
  • Uni Baby newborn foam hair and body shampoo
  • Baby washcloth or sponge
  1. The bath better be around 23-24 °C so that your baby doesn’t get cold. Make sure that the cold does not come from the doors and windows of the bathroom.
  2. When all the materials are ready, prepare the water to wash your baby. You can control the temperature of the water with your elbow. You can also use a thermometer if you wish. The temperature of the water should be 37-38 °C on average.
  3. After preparing the water, take off your baby’s clothes and put them in the bath net. Remember to hold the baby with one hand. Gently run the water over his body so he doesn’t get cold. Be careful not to spill water on your face.
  4. You can use newborn baby shampoo and baby bath sponge to clean your face and hair. For your face, it is enough to use the shampoo as big as a lentil grain.
  5. We recommend shampooing your baby’s hair once or twice a week.
  6. After washing the rest of your body with a small amount of shampoo, wash with lukewarm water from top to bottom.
  7. Gently lift your baby up and dry them with a towel. Also, make sure to dry between the folds of your skin.

Note: Never leave your baby unattended in the tub, even for a second. They can drown quickly even in shallow water.

Which baby shampoo should be used?

There are many ingredients to consider when choosing baby shampoo. So how do you know which products are safe for baby skin? Shampoos containing heavy chemicals such as dyes, ethyl alcohol, parabens and sulfates can harm your baby’s sensitive skin. For this reason, we recommend you to choose shampoos with natural ingredients. The shampoo you choose should be a non-irritating formula.

Uni Baby newborn foam hair and body shampoo

It gently cleans your baby’s sensitive skin and silky hair strands thanks to 95% naturally sourced ingredients and pure water it contains. Uni Baby Newborn Foam Hair and Body Shampoo, which you can use safely from the first day, allows you to wash your baby with peace and pleasure.

  • It is applied softly thanks to its foam form.
  • It has been proven by clinical tests that it does not burn eyes.
  • The pH value is compatible with the skin.
  • Dermatologically and pediatrically tested.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • It does not contain dye, ethyl alcohol, paraben, sulfate, SLES, SLS and PEG.

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