How to Clean Nose in Babies?

Problems such as nasal congestion and runny nose, especially in cases of cold and flu, affect your baby’s quality of life, sleep and pleasure, don’t they? Of course, it is not possible for your baby to blow his nose and remove the mucus from his nose. What are we going to do then, how do we get the nose cleaning job for babies?

Come, let’s save your baby from this trouble as soon as possible! We explained how to clean the nose in babies for deep and quality breaths, and which methods can be tried, respectively. Come on read it now!

1- Ensure that the environment it is in is humid!

Dry air is one of the most important causes of nasal congestion in babies. Frequent use of heaters, especially during the winter months, can cause a baby’s nose to become clogged. Therefore, first you need to soften the air in your house a little, you can use an air humidifier for this purpose. In this way, dry air and thus nasal congestion will gradually disappear.

2- Take a hot bath!

Hot water and steam help soften mucus. Let your baby spend some time in the hot and steamy bathroom environment. In this environment, the mucus that clogs the little pup’s nose is more easily removed from the nose.

3- Try cleaning your nose with physiological saline!

We have come to the step that will make the job easier! Also known as saline solution among the people, physiological saline is one of the easiest solutions for baby and newborn nose cleaning. Saline, which is a natural solution that does not contain drugs; It easily dissolves the mucus that causes the baby’s nasal congestion and allows the nasal congestion to pass in a short time.

“If it’s salt water, can’t I make this baby nose cleaner at home?” You may ask, but our answer is no! Because the salt ratio of the mixture you will make with table salt at home will be very high and it is not a suitable solution for cleaning your baby’s nose.

That’s why we wanted to offer you a product that will clean your baby’s nose with peace of mind and ease of use. Wee Baby Serum Physiological is the product you’ve been looking for for your baby to take deep breaths!

Let’s take a look at its features:

  • Babies can open their mucus-clogged nose in a short time. In this way, it provides trouble-free breathing and a peaceful sleep.
  • Suitable for all age groups, including newborns.
  • It does not cause any side effects. So you can use it comfortably for a long time.
  • Apart from the common cold or flu, it can also be used in cases such as nasal congestion caused by allergies.
  • Wee Baby Serum Physiological is sold in the form of 10 vials containing 5 ml of liquid.

So let’s see how to use nasal serum in babies?

  • It is enough to drip 1-2 drops of saline in each nostril 2 or 3 times a day.
  • When it comes to the baby, it may sound difficult to drip something into his nose, but the vial tip of Wee Baby Serum Physiological is in a structure that can easily enter the baby’s nostril. In this way, you can do the nose washing process without tiring your baby.

4- Use a baby nasal aspirator with saline!

The simplest way to remove the mucus softened with saline from the little pup’s nose is to use a baby nasal aspirator! Thanks to this product, you can empty out the mucus prepared by the serum physiology in one motion. There are two different forms of nasal cleaning aspirators that work with pump and breath.

Our nasal aspirator recommendation for babies also comes from Wee Baby. Let’s take a quick look at the features of this product that works with the help of breathing.

  • First, let’s give information about the use of the Wee Baby Nasal Aspirator; After the consistency of the mucus is opened with saline, the tip of the product is placed on the baby’s nose and the mouthpiece is placed in the mouth of the person who will clean it. Here, the person doing the cleaning breathes and collects the mucus in the baby’s nose in the hose part of the product.
  • Again, thanks to this hose design, it helps the process to be carried out in a hygienic way.
  • It allows the mucus to be removed from the nose very quickly.
  • It prevents the accumulation of mucus and reduces the risk of ear and respiratory tract problems.
  • It is made of completely healthy silicone material and does not contain substances such as BPA. In other words, it carries suitable materials for the health of your baby.
  • The tip is very soft, it does not hurt the baby’s nose.
  • The tips need to be changed after each use.
  • The parts can be easily separated and combined.
  • It can be easily transported in its hard box without being damaged.

Those who use physiological saline and baby nasal aspirators have said that their babies sleep more comfortably, breathe easier and are more pleasant thanks to the product’s immediate relief of nasal congestion. If you want to experience these results, you can use Wee Baby Serum Physiological and Nasal Aspirator products together.

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