How to Dress a Newborn Baby?

As soon as you hold your baby in your arms, it is very normal to act with the instinct of protecting his health. We told you how to dress a newborn baby so that he can sleep comfortably and not be affected by the weather conditions of the season he was born, and what you need to pay attention to!

How to dress a newborn baby?

When asking the question of how to dress a newborn baby, parents often think of the season when the baby will be born. If the birth of the baby coincides with the winter months, it is thought that thicker clothes should be preferred, but this is an extremely wrong thought. Child Health and Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Nermin Tansuğ says that thick clothes that are worn for fear of getting sick can cause heat loss in babies and this paves the way for more diseases.

Cotton and breathable fabric!

It is necessary to start by reviewing the fabrics of the clothes preferred for the baby. You should choose fabrics that will not make your baby sweat and at the same time prevent him from getting cold, breathable and not irritating to the skin. Cotton fabrics are ideal for newborn babies in this sense.

Low-stitched clothes!

In the first days of your life, it is sufficient to dress your baby in one layer in the summer and in two layers in the winter, and cover your baby with a cotton blanket while sleeping. Since babies’ hands and feet are usually cold, you can check on your little one’s chest or back if they are cold. Babies need to be dressed 1 times more than adults and covered while sleeping. You should be careful that the clothes you wear have few seams and do not restrict your baby’s movements.

Soft and flexible structure!

One of the things that should be considered in newborn baby clothing is that the clothes are soft and flexible. In this way, your baby’s skin is not irritated, his range of motion is not narrowed and he can move freely in a comfortable way.

Overall preference for underwear in the first months!

The question of what to dress the newborn baby in the hospital is an important issue for those who will be parents for the first time. For dressing the baby after birth, clothes made of sweat-absorbent, breathable, hairless and cotton fabrics should be preferred. You should take care to choose clothes that are soft, have few seams and do not have metal or hard parts on them.

If you ask how to dress a 1-month-old baby , let’s say that you can choose overalls for underwear in the first months. You should not forget to put your baby in a hat, gloves and socks.

Finally, the harm of fabric dyes on human health is known. You should be careful that the fabric of the clothes you prefer for your baby is not from materials that give or contain dyes.

How should babies born in summer be dressed?

Since babies are very sensitive to cold in the first month after birth, it is necessary to prevent heat loss. Since their head is the largest part of their body, you should definitely wear a hat on your baby’s head. In order to protect hands and feet against the cold, you should put gloves on your baby’s hands and socks on his feet.

During the day, single-layer combed clothes are ideal for the summer months. So , how should babies be dressed at night in summer ? At night, you can choose pajamas made of fine cotton fabric. It would be good if the bed linens were also made of cotton fabric.

How should babies be dressed in winter?

Let ‘s talk about how to dress a newborn baby in winter . Although a woolen sweater is generally preferred over thin cotton clothing such as a flannel, if you prefer thin cotton, soft and body-hugging clothes instead of one layer of thick clothing, you can ensure that the air layer in between will protect your baby from cold.

When the ambient temperature changes, you can reduce or increase the clothes by one layer. When you go out with your baby in very cold weather, you can choose clothes in the style of bird feather overalls that are not cold-proof. Since most of the body heat is lost from the head, you should not neglect to wear a hat, thick socks and gloves that cover the ears.

How should babies be dressed according to room temperature?

It is important to consider both the seasonal conditions and the temperature of the environment while dressing your baby. An average bedroom temperature of 22-24 degrees will be very favorable for the comfort of the baby.

From the first weeks to the next 2 months, 20 degrees and then 18 degrees are ideal temperatures. Conditions such as room temperature and dressing in layers above this can cause high fever in newborns.

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