How to Eliminate Anorexia in Teething Babies?

Teething is a very difficult process for both you and your baby. In this process, the baby may feel very restless physically and experience many changes. One of these changes will develop on eating habits. It is very possible that the discomfort and pain caused by the erupting teeth affect the proper nutrition and cause loss of appetite.

So, how to eliminate the loss of appetite in teething babies, what kind of nutrition should you provide for your baby in this process? We told you!

Offer soft foods!

Baby’s gums are very sensitive and painful when teething. Therefore, consuming foods that will cause pain by putting pressure on his palate while eating may cause him not to want to eat because of the pain he experiences and to experience loss of appetite. Therefore, in this process, you can offer foods such as soup, fruit or vegetable puree, yogurt if you are not allergic.

Consider hard foods!

Although we praised soft foods above, some babies also like to consume hard foods in this process. Because they can get rid of this feeling by looking on the gums that are itchy with hard foods. So they use these foods like a teether . Therefore, you can give vegetables and fruits such as carrots, cucumbers, apples to your baby in the form of finger food. If it is too hard, you can give it by steaming it very lightly.

Give cold foods!

Since the baby’s gums will be painful, sore, feverish and sensitive in this process, cold foods do not cause discomfort to the baby and even help alleviate the inflammation of the gums. When we say cold, we are not talking about an icy cold. Cool juices, purees, banana slices, steamed finger foods that you keep in the refrigerator are perfect for this process!

Offer interesting foods!

Of course, it is important to feed your baby with a variety of foods, but since there will already be loss of appetite and selectivity in this process, there is no problem in giving him foods that will interest him. You can offer more sugary fruits to taste, and you can give him the foods he enjoys the most, more often. You can add spices such as mint, basil and cinnamon, which have appetizing properties, to your meals. You can also make mealtime more fun by making food presentations interesting.

Keep breastfeeding!

The healing properties of breast milk are well known. In this process, you can offer your baby a little more breast milk. In this way, you will not only offer your baby a food that he likes, but also help his gums to relax and eliminate the loss of water caused by loss of appetite. You can also help your baby calm down by giving breast milk, even if he has passed on additional food.

Don’t try to force-feed!

In this process, the most important reason for the baby’s loss of appetite is the pain he experiences. That’s why you won’t like it if you try to force feed your baby, put pressure on him, and he will get cold from eating. Offer him tiny treats with gentle offers over time, and he’ll definitely respond when he’s hungry.

Make her cheer up!

Your baby may be seedy during this difficult period. So try to make her happy as much as you can and adjust her feeding time accordingly. Playing his favorite games, offering new, enjoyable toys, playing and dancing to his favorite music, eating with him, and having positive conversations about food can all help.

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