How to Increase Breast Milk: 8 Steps to Increase Breast Milk

Sufficient breast milk is the most important issue for breastfeeding mothers. If you think that your milk is not enough for your baby and you want to increase milk production, we recommend you to read this article.

Milk production is not only increased by consuming foods and beverages that increase breast milk. It is very important to be calm, peaceful, rested and you will be angry with us, but it is also very important to sleep. In addition, there should be no physical barriers to breastfeeding.

So let’s see, what increases breast milk?

1. Set the frequency of breastfeeding well!

The first answer to the question of how to increase the mother’s milk is not to stop breastfeeding. After giving birth, your milk may not come right away. Your milk will come in gradually between 1-3 days and will increase as the baby suckles. It is important that you breastfeed your newborn as often as he or she wants. It is normal for breastfeeding frequency to be 8-10 times a day in the early days. It is recommended that the baby be breastfed every two hours.

At first, the frequency of breastfeeding will be high, but the duration of breastfeeding will be less. Because your baby will get tired quickly. As the days pass, the frequency of breastfeeding decreases and the duration of breastfeeding increases. Starting from the third month, the number of breastfeeding decreases to 4-5 per day, and by the sixth month to 3-4.

2. Is your breast ready for breastfeeding?

Being able to breastfeed pain-free and pain-free allows your baby to suckle more comfortably. Problems such as cracks in the nipple, pain in the breast, and the nipple preventing breastfeeding prevent breastfeeding.

Not being able to breastfeed or expressing milk is also one of the factors that reduce milk. In this case, whatever the problem is, you should take action against it. For example; You can massage or use a breast pump to remove the nipple.

You should also treat stretch marks with stretch marks creams. Depending on what the problem is, it may be necessary to seek professional help.

3. Find the right breastfeeding position!

The most important of the milk increasing methods is the positions. The correct breastfeeding position allows your baby to grasp the breast correctly and to absorb milk better. Therefore, the stronger the baby pulls on your breast, the more milk is released.

4. Let the breast drain well!

One of the most critical factors for increasing milk secretion is the well-emptying of the breast. For this reason, to increase breast milk;

  • If one breast is not fully emptied yet, not giving the other breast,
  • You start the next breastfeeding from the breast that your baby sucked on last,
  • It is important to express your milk with a breast pump after each feeding if your baby cannot empty the breast completely or if your milk is low.

5. Learn to use a breast pump!

In particular, you can find the answer to the question of how to increase the milk of a mother who has just given birth, in the breast pump. Increasing milk with a pump is a method that many people try.

The breast pump helps to increase breast milk when used correctly.

Your baby may not be able to suckle too vigorously yet. A milk pump with a high suction power will increase milk secretion.

There may be some situations where you should not give milk. You may need to take certain medications while breastfeeding, and your doctor may not want you to breastfeed while using these medications. In such cases, you need to give a warning to the body so that milk secretion can continue. You need to express your milk as if you are breastfeeding your baby.

6. Feed on dairy-producing foods!

During this period, you need to be fed with foods that increase breast milk.

You can read our article, Thanks a Thousand Times: Foods That Make Breast Milk , to learn what are the foods that make milk, which foods that cause gas you should stay away from .

Also “What increases milk fastest?” If you’re wondering, we suggest you try these foods.

7. Get enough and good sleep!

We know, this is not possible, especially in the first days after birth; so let’s just say sleep as much as possible. We recommend that you sleep while the baby is sleeping. During this period, try not to do household chores, even small ones. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your friends or family members who you can ask for help.

8. Be peaceful!

Adapting to a new life is certainly not easy. Also, everyone who enters the house has an opinion, “Ayşe’s bride had a lot of milk because she drank a lot of compote.” Phrases like these may be distracting. Please don’t worry about comments like this. This happens to every new mother in our culture.

Try to focus on the things that make you happy. In this tiredness, there are definitely things like listening to good music, reading some books, having a hot coffee with your friends that can make you feel good. You can devote a few hours a week to these by adjusting your time.

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