How to Make Marrow Bone Broth for Babies?

The marrow bone broth, the benefits of which do not end with counting, is almost a vitamin store for babies. So how and when to make marrow bone broth to babies, what are the tricks of it? All the details are in our article. Moreover, we wrote a bone broth soup recipe for your baby, come on, read it!

When is bone broth given to babies?

Ideally, you should not give your baby any extra nutrients other than breast milk for the first 6 months. You can start giving your baby vegetable soup after trying fruit juice, yoghurt and baby food, after 6 months of age. As of the 7th and 8th months, you can add meat to these soups. Therefore, you can start giving bone broth to your baby with these months.

There is no different answer to the question of when to give broth to babies. What is meant by broth is actually bone broth. Only at this point can babies be differentiated as to whether the bone broth should be beef or lamb . Some experts say that small animals such as lambs are exposed to less foreign substances and drugs than cattle such as calves. For this reason, they recommend lamb and goat meat to mothers who want to feed their babies well.

What are the harms of bone broth for babies?

If you are wondering if giving bone broth to babies is harmful, let’s say that bone broth or the bone broth soup you prepared is of course not harmful to your baby. However, the thing you need to be careful about is not to give the broth or bone broth to your baby, considering that it is very beneficial for your baby, not to give him only the juice instead of the meat itself. Because what is beneficial for your baby is the meat itself.

Make sure you have a lot of marrow, especially when buying a bone. Because the more marrow the bone is, the more beneficial the soup will be for your baby. It provides the protein that is beneficial for the body from here. Therefore, when preparing bone broth soup for babies, it is necessary to put meat in tiny little pieces.

Another thing to be careful of is not to overdo it. Because although it is beneficial, drinking excessive amounts of bone broth to your baby can affect cardiovascular health and cause cholesterol at an early age.

In addition, if you add the meat that you prepared in the form of minced meat or puree to vegetable purees , you will have prepared a much more nutritious recipe for your baby. In short, instead of just giving your baby bone broth, soups or recipes that you will prepare using bone broth are much more nutritious for him.

What are the benefits of marrow bone broth?

Using marrow bone broth to increase the nutritional value of the meals you prepare for your baby, who has switched to complementary foods, will both help him develop his palate and have a strong bone structure in the future.

In particular, you can boil free-range lamb or beef bones and remove the marrow and mix them into your baby’s vegetables. It is rich in iron and many minerals. Depending on the breed of animals, they can contain high levels of antibiotics and heavy metals. So be sure to buy marrow bones from reliable butchers.

Let’s say from which bone the marrow bone broth is made for babies . More marrow lamb bones and lamb rib bones are preferred.

Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Murat Palabıyık lists the benefits of giving marrow bone broth to babies as follows:

  • Bone broth strengthens the immune system.
  • It contributes to the development of memory.
  • It helps to strengthen the digestive system.
  • It supports the secretion of growth hormones.
  • It strengthens the joints.
  • According to some studies, it is also good for insomnia.

How to make marrow bone broth for babies?

There are 2 points to consider when preparing marrow bone broth. The health of the slaughtered animal and the preparation time of the bone broth are the most basic things. The tricks of making bone broth are as follows:

  • You can purify the bones from blood by soaking them in salt water the night before.
  • How many hours is the bone broth boiled for babies : Boiling process should last between 12-24 hours and you should cook the bone at a constant temperature. Boiling for a long time on low heat ensures that the bone marrow is well processed and releases its vitamin into the water.
  • How many hours is the bone broth for babies boiled in a pressure cooker: You can leave the bone broth to cook for at least 4 hours, preferably 8-12 hours, on the lowest fire and on the smallest stove.
  • The lid of the pot should be closed to prevent excessive evaporation.
  • You should adjust the amount of water so that it is slightly above the bones. Think of it like 1.5 liters of water per 1 kg of bone.
  • From time to time, you should lift the lid of the pot and remove the accumulated foam.
  • How to store bone broth for babies : After straining the bones and cooling the broth, you can prepare it in the form of bouillon, making it practical for use in soups and meals. Bone broth is that easy to make.

Bone broth soup recipe for babies

Preparing vegetable soup for babies who switch to complementary foods is nutritious for them, while providing practicality for mothers. We have prepared a delicious bone broth noodle soup recipe for you.

several pieces of marrow bone
1 carrot
1 small potato
1-2 broccoli
3-5 leaves of spinach
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
Half a cup of noodle
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 pinch of salt
Preparation of
Prepare the bones as described above.
Chop the vegetables and put them in another pot to boil.
Add the noodle to the vegetables.
After the bone broth is cooked, strain it and add it to the pot with the vegetables along with the marrow.
Boil until the vegetables are soft.
If you wish, you can pass everything through the blender, it is also a strainer.
If the consistency is too thick, you can gradually add boiling water. But then boil some more.
After adding salt and olive oil, your homemade meat soup is ready. Bon appetit.
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