How to Relieve Constipation in Newborn Babies?

Does a newborn baby ever get constipated? Yes, constipation can be seen in newborn babies even though they are fed only breast milk or formula. So how can you solve this situation? How to relieve constipation in newborn babies? We have explained them all in this article.

What causes constipation in formula fed babies?

Newborn babies who cannot be fed with breast milk for various reasons have to be fed with formula. Since formula is more difficult to digest than breast milk, formula-fed babies are more likely to develop constipation. That’s why you should definitely observe your baby’s poop routine. If your baby does not poop for more than 3 days and has very hard and smelly stools, it is a sign of constipation.

How to relieve constipation in formula fed babies?

  • The first step in solving the problem of constipation in formula-fed newborn babies may be to change the type of formula. More fibrous, dairy-free formulas can be preferred. It can fight the problem of constipation. However, you should always consult your doctor before changing formula.
  • No matter what it is fed, the fluid intake of the constipated baby should be increased. Therefore, you can prepare a slightly more liquid consistency than normal for your baby who is fed with formula.
  • With the baby constipation massage and exercise movements, the intestines can be operated. Put your thumbs on your baby’s belly button and rotate it clockwise to move it around the tummy area. Then turn it counterclockwise this time and repeat the same movements. Massaging movements for babies to poop accelerate the movement in the intestines and help the poop progress.
  • You can try exercises to make it easier for babies to poop. Also, moving your baby’s legs like a bicycle will help your intestines to work. However, you should do these exercises regularly.
  • Also, taking a warm bath is one of the best ways to combat newborn constipation. The relaxation that the bath will create can make it easier for your baby to poop.
  • If your baby has not been able to poop despite all his attempts, and if his constipation has been going on for more than 2 weeks, you should definitely consult your doctor. Methods such as suppositories, drops or, if it is very serious, enemas can be applied to the baby who cannot poop.

What causes constipation in breastfed newborn babies?

Constipation is not common in breastfed newborn babies, but it is not uncommon. The biggest source of constipation problem in newborn babies who take breast milk is the mother’s nutrition. The baby may be constipated in cases such as the mother’s consuming less fluid, feeding on foods lacking in fiber, consuming too much cow’s milk and products, using blood medication or being sedentary. Because all the nutrients that the mother eats are passed to the baby through breastfeeding.

How to relieve constipation in breastfed newborn babies?

  • In order for babies to poop easily, the first thing to do is to regulate the way the mother eats. Consuming plenty of water and fluids, eating fibrous foods, vegetables and fruits, reducing dairy product consumption, avoiding gas-producing foods can fight this problem.
  • You can extend the breastfeeding routine a little to increase the baby’s fluid intake.
  • Apart from these, applying a massage to the baby who cannot poop, taking a warm shower and doing exercises, prevents the problem of constipation in breastfed newborns.

Is olive oil given to a baby who cannot poop?

It is known that olive oil is good for the problem of constipation, but since the digestive system of a newborn baby is not yet sufficiently developed, he should not consume any food other than breast milk or formula until the 6th month. Olive oil is a very acidic oil and therefore it can cause different problems for the baby. If the baby is taking breast milk instead, it will be more beneficial for the mother to consume olive oil.

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