How to Teach Time to a Child?

Although the concept of time means nothing to children at first, children begin to make sense of this process on their own. In this article, we have prepared very useful advice on how to teach the clock to the child. Let’s start!

At what age is the clock learned?

Children learn the concept of time through mental development and experience. They do not fully understand the concept of time until they reach adulthood. Situations such as when the parents will come from work, how long they can play with the tablet, when the feeding times are, give the child an idea about the concept of time and time. Children begin to learn the concept of clocks between the ages of 2 and 4.

How to teach a child clock?

Even if the child’s answer by looking at the clock when asked what time it is is correct, this does not mean that he still learns the concept of clock and time. However, for the child who has started to understand numbers, clock learning activities can be started. So how are children taught clockwork? We have prepared very useful advice for you.

1. Make use of visual expressions

We can say that the first thing to do when it is asked how to teach a clock to a preschooler is to make use of visual expressions. Time is already an abstract concept. While trying to teach an abstract concept to the child, it is necessary to do this by making use of visual things and making it concrete as much as possible.

2. Gift an hourglass

Explaining the concept of time through objects and concepts that your child knows will enable him/her to understand the time zone. The hourglass can be a good tool for telling the time it takes to do something. You can tell your child that it is breakfast time when you talk about the time zone in the morning, and when you talk about the time zone in the evening, it is the time to eat or sleep. The lightening and darkening of the weather will be very useful for the child’s mind to revive these time periods.

3. Code the concept of time in a way that he can understand

It will be very useful for your child to understand the concept of time better and to give him memorable directions to reinforce it. “Your favorite cartoon is on Wednesday”, “We go to the movies on Saturdays”, “Sunday is our pizza day.” You can start to teach him the concept of time first and talk about the days of the week with specific coding such as Then, after 22:00 in the evening, all children go to bed, you can drink your milk at 09:00 in the morning, you can go down to detailed information.

4. Flower clock method

The flower clock method is a very effective app for learning analog clocks. With this method, you will be able to answer your child’s question, ” How do we know what time it is on a wristwatch “. For the flower clock method, you need a circular wall clock and colored cardboard.

  • First you need to make the stem and two petals of the flower out of cardboard. The long one of the leaves will represent the minute hand and the short one will represent the hour hand.
  • Write the hour on the short leaf and the minute on the long leaf. Thus, you can make it easier for your child to understand the concepts of hour and minute hands.
  • Think of the clock as the center of a flower. Cut the petals of the flower in semicircles, corresponding to each 5-minute segment, and write the minutes as 00, 05, 10 and 15 on it. In this way, you can more easily convey the concepts of quarter past and half.
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