How to Wash Baby Clothes?

In order to protect your baby’s sensitive skin and prevent it from being exposed to chemical processes, you should try practical and healthy ways to wash your baby’s clothes. How to wash baby clothes, how many degrees to wash baby clothes , what are the tricks you need to know about washing baby clothes, let’s get started!

How to wash baby clothes?

  • In order to get the most hygienic results from washing, you should first take care to collect your baby’s laundry in a separate net from yours. At this point, you may wonder why baby laundry should be washed separately. Storing the laundry in a separate place is an important point in washing baby clothes due to perfume, detergent residues and different dirt levels on the clothes! Do not forget to cut the labels of the laundry before washing.
  • You should wash the clothes at the ideal temperature. High temperature provides better hygiene, don’t be mistaken.
  • You should use detergents or cleaning products that do not contain harmful chemicals.
  • It is important that the rinsing process takes a long time. Plus rinsing ensures that baby clothes are free of chemicals left over from laundry detergent and fabric softeners. Rinsing again before the end of the program so that no substance residues remain on the clothes can prevent babies from being affected by possible allergic reactions. In fact , many skin problems such as rash , rash, atopic dermatitis are also eliminated in this way. Therefore, you should pay attention to the rinsing process to protect your baby from all possible skin disorders.
  • Another point that is as important as washing is the drying process. You should pay attention to drying baby clothes especially outdoors. This way you make them softer. In the spring and summer months, leave the laundry to dry in a sunny place. Because the sun’s rays make the bacteria disappear.
  • You should take care to store the drying laundry in a cool and dry place.
  • Ironing the clothes you have dried is another trick. We recommend that you iron baby clothes because the high temperature of the iron increases the hygienic effect of the clothes.

At what degree should baby clothes be washed?

Generally, it is observed that baby clothes are washed at high temperatures such as 60 to 90 degrees, considering that they will be cleaner. But contrary to popular belief, maximum temperatures are not necessary for washing baby clothes! Essentially, the main thing that provides cleaning and hygiene is the detergent you use.

Therefore, “How many degrees are baby clothes washed?” to the question

You can provide the necessary hygiene by washing your white and daily laundry at 40 degrees, and your colored and delicate laundry at 30 degrees. Following the washing instructions on the labels will also help you. Let’s not go without saying that higher temperatures will cause your baby’s clothes to wear out faster and will make the products unusable early.

A little tip for tiny socks that are constantly lost in the machine! You can keep the socks that disappear in every wash together thanks to the baby clothes washing net , you can prevent them from getting lost in the depths of the washing machine, keep in mind.

Another baby item to wash is toys! You should give your baby toys after washing the toys that you cannot master the details of the production conditions. Especially plush toys collect a lot of dirt both before and during use, and unfortunately these toys are often taken to their mouths by the little ones. That’s why we suggest that you show the importance you give to baby clothes to toys as well.

In which program are baby clothes washed?

It is seen that most of the new generation washing machines have special washing programs to wash baby clothes . The only thing that the baby programs offer different from the normal washing programs of the machines is the extra rinsing time. However, you can easily do this with the washing machine you use.

What should baby clothes be washed with?

First, “Can baby clothes be washed with normal detergent?” Let’s answer the question. You should not use bleach or similar detergents to avoid irritation of your baby’s skin. Standard detergents can cause itching, redness and many side effects on your baby’s skin because they contain chemicals and harmful components such as paraben. For this reason, it is best to choose organic baby detergent or soap powder specially produced for the little ones.

Well, what can you use instead of baby detergent, let’s give you an idea about it. Soap powder can be a good alternative for washing baby clothes because it can be easily rinsed . However, our main recommendation is organic detergents with herbal ingredients! Organic detergents, which you can easily find in big markets, do not foam much and do not smell intensely. However, it effectively cleans your baby’s clothes in a way that prevents harmful chemicals from coming into contact with his sensitive skin.

What should be the characteristics of the ideal baby detergent?

One of the most curious subjects is how baby clothes washing detergents should be. Most of the detergents used by adults are definitely not suitable for babies due to the chemicals they contain. So what features should a baby detergent have, let’s examine it:

  • Heavy foaming may seem like a good cleaning effect, but it’s not recommended for baby detergent. A good baby laundry detergent shouldn’t be too sudsy. Because these detergents can leave residue and create a chemical reaction.
  • Just because baby detergent smells good doesn’t mean it’s the right choice. The less dyes and perfumes in the formula of the detergent you will use, the better. Therefore, you should never choose non-organic baby fabric softeners. Unfortunately, like organic laundry detergents, organic softeners do not promise intense and good smells. But it also provides a very important advantage; healthy and effective cleaning. Let alone the fragrance of intense chemicals; Let your baby smell unique.
  • Finally, when purchasing baby detergent, check whether the product has been dermatologically tested against any sensitivities that may occur on the skin of the little lamb.

How long should baby laundry be washed separately?

This is entirely up to your preference. The vast majority of mothers usually wash their babies’ laundry separately until the 6th month. There are those who extend it up to 1 year, and those who keep it shorter. Our advice to you in this regard is to wash your baby’s laundry separately from yours until at least 6 months.

In what week should baby clothes be washed?

Unfortunately, fabrics that are woven, aged and dyed with many different chemical techniques can bear the traces of these processes. In addition, we are not sure of the cleanliness of the areas where the clothes are sewn, and we do not know the processes they went through until they reached us. In short , we say that baby clothes should not be dressed without washing , first of all, we draw attention to this issue.

The ideal time to wash baby clothes may be during the weeks when you start preparing the maternity bag. In other words , you can start preparations as of the 32nd week of pregnancy.

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