How to Wash Newborn Baby Clothes?

You want to choose the most natural, healthy and quality of everything for your baby. The situation is no different when it comes to cleaning the laundry and clothes that come into contact with your baby’s skin all day. Read on to learn how to take care of your baby’s sensitive skin while keeping their clothes clean and spotless!

Wash Newborn Clothes Before Dressing Your Baby

Even though they may seem untouched when the baby gets their clothes for the first time, they do need cleaning. Therefore, no matter how baby clothes look after receiving them, there can be plenty of germs and allergens on them. That’s why you should wash your baby’s new items before using them. Babies, especially newborns, have sensitive skin.

Pre-Treatment: Remove Stains!

Your baby’s clothes may be stained with various stains such as milk, formula or vomit. It’s important to act quickly when it comes to stain removal. Try to wash it before the stain dries on the garment. In this way, you will prevent the stain from settling on the clothes.

At what degree can baby clothes be washed?

You can wash your baby’s daily laundry at 40 degrees, delicate laundry at 30 degrees and white laundry at 60 degrees. Of course, you can wash the clothes at the appropriate temperature by reading the washing instructions on the labels. In this way, you will protect the life of the laundry.

In Which Program Are Baby Clothes Washed?

How much you rinse is more important than the program you use when washing baby clothes. Most of the new generation washing machines have special washing programs to wash baby clothes. The difference between baby programs and other washing programs is the extra rinsing time. Therefore, you can easily do this in a normal washing machine.

Should Baby Clothes Be Washed Separately?

We recommend that you wash your baby’s laundry separately from the rest of the family. Laundry detergent or fabric softener used for an adult can damage your baby’s sensitive skin and even cause an allergic reaction. Sort your baby’s clothes by color, just like adult clothes. Then you can wash it at the appropriate temperature or program. A little tip: You can wash your baby’s small clothes (such as socks, handkerchiefs) in a net. This way, you prevent them from getting lost.

Liquid detergent or powder for babies?

It is important that you use liquid detergent specially developed for babies in your baby’s laundry. Baby clothes, blankets, sheets and in short all items that can be washed and come into contact with the baby should be washed separately from adult items and with special detergents.

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