Ingrown Nail Problem in Babies

Ingrown toenails are a common problem in babies, especially since their toenails grow faster than adults. So what causes ingrown nails in babies, how is the treatment? Which cream is good for ingrown nails in baby? We told it for you, let’s get started.

What causes ingrown nails in babies?

Toenails of babies grow very quickly and nail care and cutting should be done carefully in order to avoid an undesirable situation.

However, wearing shoes or socks that squeeze the baby’s feet can also cause ingrown nails. You should be very careful that your baby’s feet are comfortable and breathe.

In babies with ingrown nails, that area of ​​the finger becomes red and swollen. An uncomfortable discharge may also develop over time. Your baby may respond by crying when he touches or puts pressure on his finger. If he is walking, he may limp and cry while walking.

What is good for ingrown nails in babies?

  • In cases where ingrown nails are seen in babies, the baby’s feet should be washed with warm soapy water for about 20 minutes and 3 times a day. In the meantime, it would be better to use olive oil soap.
  • Like every mother who is in favor of natural, you can seek herbal solutions for ingrown nails in babies. Thanks to the antiseptics in it, apple cider vinegar is also good for ingrown nails. After adding some apple cider vinegar to a bucket of water, you can soak your baby’s feet with ingrown nails in this water for 20 minutes. Applying this process 3 times a day will give you an effective result.
  • Experts say that comfortable shoes and socks should be preferred in babies with ingrown toenails and that the feet should be constantly ventilated.
  • In case of ingrown nails, you should not cut your baby’s nails immediately and wait for them to grow.

Ingrown hands and nails in babies are also a common problem, although not as much as feet. All these methods we have mentioned are also very effective for ingrown fingernails.

Can a cream be used for ingrown nails in babies?

Using cream for ingrown nails is an effective method. Using creams containing antibiotics and antiseptics is both good for the wreck and can prevent its reoccurrence. From pharmacies, you can obtain the apparatus and medicines specially produced for the shipwreck.

Ingrown toenails in babies can be easily treated with Fucidin cream. Cutting your baby’s nail straight and placing a small piece of cotton under the swirling nail can also prevent the problem. The problem will go away when you take care of your baby’s nails and pay attention to these rules.

How are ingrown nails in babies?

We mentioned that it is a good method to wash the feet with warm soapy water several times a day for the treatment of ingrown toenails in babies . On the softened skin, it is necessary to separate the ingrown nail from the place where it is and treat it by applying an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment. It is necessary to put a small clean cotton ball under the ingrown nail and change it frequently.

To prevent ingrown nails in babies;

  • Do not wear tight socks,
  • You should choose your shoes at least 1 cm larger,
  • The toe part of the shoes should be high and wide,
  • You should use blunt nail clippers.

You should trim your baby’s nails regularly, before they grow so long that they hurt themselves.

Which doctor should I go to for ingrown nails in babies?

You can take your baby to a dermatologist for ingrown nails.

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