Is Discharge Normal in Girl Babies?

There are many causes of discharge in babies. This discharge is vaginal discharge and can sometimes cause anxiety in mothers. prof. Dr. Y. Tarkan Soygür told us about the vaginal discharge in babies, let’s find out!

Is discharge normal in babies?

In the first weeks after birth, babies may have discharge due to the withdrawal of estrogens passed from the mother. This situation, which is seen mostly in the form of slimy discharge in babies, is extremely normal. Sometimes a small amount of bleeding may occur in the first weeks after birth. White discharge or bleeding in the baby’s vagina is not something to worry about.

Vaginal discharge in girls in the preschool period is usually hormonal discharge that does not pose a danger. Since little girls do not have a sexual life yet, this discharge should not be confused with vaginal discharge.

What causes vaginal discharge in babies?

 Says that there can be many reasons for discharge in girls. We can list the causes of vaginal discharge in babies as follows:

  • A bloody discharge may occur in newborn babies due to the withdrawal of the estrogen hormone passed from mother to child. This situation is temporary.
  • In older children, not paying close attention to hygiene conditions can lead to discharge. These discharges, which are seen due to infections called vulvovaginitis, occur because the genital area is not cleaned well and remains wet after peeing. Vulvovaginitis may appear yellow, green or brown in color from the vagina in babies. It can also be bloody, nasty, and smelly. Vaginal odor in babies occurs as a result of disruption of the normal flora, rather than a real infection. Generally, it is a more common problem in overweight children, in cases such as not urinating with their legs wide open.
  • Continuous use of antibiotics can cause vaginal infections. Antibiotics that alter the normal microbial flora in the vagina can cause vaginal discharge.
  • The most common cause of discharge in girls is the entry of a foreign body into the vagina. This causes bloody and infected discharge along with itching.
  • The use of disinfectants that irritate the genital area, such as soap, foam, disinfectant, also causes discharge. Pain does too. Especially in newborn babies, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleaning of the vagina.
  • In girls who have reached puberty, there may be vaginal discharge before the first menstruation.
  • One of the most tragic causes is sexual abuse. Sexual abuse in girls can lead to discharge with wounds, cracks or bloody discharge in the vaginal area.

How to treat vaginal discharge in babies?

When the cause of the discharge in girls cannot be found, the child should be informed about hygiene again. The aim should be to educate the child about proper hygiene and treatment and to eliminate the cause of the discharge. Treatment can be applied in the form of local cleansing, local antibiotics and short-term estrogen therapy.

To protect children from vaginal discharge;

  • The area should always be kept clean.
  • After the bath, the genitals should be dried and not left wet.
  • In toilet training, the child should be taught to clean from front to back.
  • Cotton underwear should be preferred.
  • Clothing such as tight trousers and tight tights should not be preferred.
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