Is It Normal for Babies to be Afraid of Sudden Sound?

Babies’ fear of sudden noises is actually a behavior peculiar to human nature. Behaviors such as being afraid and startled are in our genes. However, sudden behaviors such as babies’ fear of loud noises and startled sleep can sometimes worry parents, especially if this situation lasts for a long time.

So, is it normal for babies to be afraid of sudden noise, why do they behave like this? Let’s learn together!

Is a newborn baby afraid of sound?

Newborn babies are often afraid of loud noises, as their brains develop very quickly in the first 2 years and they have an underdeveloped nervous system when they are born. This is due to their inability to interpret many external data. A sound that sounds normal to us can be very loud to them and cause them to be afraid.

The question of why newborn babies are afraid in sleep is also a very curious subject. In the first year after birth, babies may experience startle and contractions in their arms and legs due to different reasons. This is often caused by newborn reflexes. If there are no other symptoms, you have nothing to worry about.

Is 6 month old baby afraid of loud noise?

Yes, just like in the newborn period, it is perfectly normal for 6-month-old babies to be afraid of loud noises. In the first 18 months after birth, sudden and loud sounds can be frightening for babies. This may be due to the sensory sensitivities of babies.

In addition, after the 6th month, strangers can cause babies to be afraid. Because the baby sees the mother and father the most during these periods, he feels safer especially with his mother, who breastfeeds him frequently.

Reasons why babies are afraid of loud noises

Specialist Developmental Psychologist Nilcan Kuleli Sertgil lists the reasons why babies are afraid of sound as follows:

  • sensory sensitivity,
  • auditory sensitivity,
  • visual sensitivity,
  • Engine precision.

Since babies’ nervous systems are more sensitive, they can react more to stimuli. Such sensitivities may be higher, especially in premature babies born prematurely.

Does it hurt to be afraid of babies?

A baby’s startle does not cause serious harm to them. Babies are expected to adapt to these sounds over time. What if babies are scared? These fears are instantaneous and not permanent, as they usually react to sudden events and movements. Young babies often forget sad and frightening experiences quickly, but their capacity to remember increases after 1 year of age. Even bad events that happen to fairy tale heroes after this age can be a cause of fear for children.

What to do for scared babies?

Specialist Developmental Psychologist Nilcan Kuleli Sertgil says that babies who are afraid of loud or sudden sounds will get used to these sounds over time. If you are having difficulty with this, you should try to accustom your baby to these uncomfortable sounds and movements with small steps. In this way, the baby will learn to tolerate these sounds over time. Let’s underline that you should not expose your baby to loud noises at once to get used to it.

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