Kids Room Wallpaper Models: Colorful and Patterned!

Wall painting is now out of fashion. It’s time to equip the walls with wallpapers with various patterns, models and designs! For this, you should meet the children’s room wallpaper models! Let’s look at wallpaper models that will transform your child’s room into a pleasant space and steal his heart!

1- Wallpaper with cars

It is possible to see the car passion of the little ones in the boys’ room wallpaper models. This love, which is brought to the top with the cartoon cars, has no difficulty in finding a place in a corner of the children’s room.

2- Floral wallpaper

If you are preparing a girl’s room and you want to decorate this room with beautiful flower patterns, these types of wallpaper will enchant you!

3- Butterfly wallpaper

Each of the girls is as delicate and graceful as a butterfly! So why not choose butterfly papers among the children’s room wallpaper models?

4- Cloudy wallpaper

Cloud patterns are one of the most popular patterns of recent days. We see this pattern on wallpapers, as we have seen on bedding, curtains and many other products. It is impossible not to love these patterns with their cuteness and the fresh feeling they add to the room!

5-star wallpaper

Who doesn’t love to watch the sparkling stars in the sky? Now that everyone likes it, it’s time to decorate the rooms with stars.

6- Three-dimensional wallpaper

Children’s room wallpaper models 3D options are quite interesting, moreover, they add harmony and depth to the room. The most preferred superhero and animation characters among the three-dimensional wallpaper patterns that look like they are going to jump off the wall and join the game of their child in the room!

7- Colorful wallpaper

If you prefer a children’s room decoration consisting of simpler, lighter and stable colors, you can enliven the room with colorful wallpapers. Whether you use it in a girl’s or boy’s room, the choice is yours!

8- Paintable wallpaper

If you’ve chosen a wallpaper for the nursery but don’t want to stick with it, paintable wallpaper is for you! Also, if you turn your child’s room into a teenager’s room in the future, you can change the look of the wallpaper with the colors you want. You can also use wall stickers, which are popular decoration products of the last period, on these wallpapers.

9- Adhesive wallpaper

It is very easy to use this wallpaper model with self-adhesives! You can stick it yourself in your child’s room, and you can remove it in case of boredom or dirt!

10- Embossed wallpaper

If you want your child to feel the patterns when he touches the wall, you can choose embossed wallpapers. Embossed wallpapers are among the most frequently used wallpaper types.

11- Polka Dot Wallpaper

We’re used to seeing polka dots on girls’ things, but with these wallpapers you’ll give up that look! Dotted wallpapers add a simple yet fun atmosphere to children’s rooms!

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