Maternity Items Every Pregnant Should Have

Like every woman who is preparing for motherhood, you have many things to train for birth, don’t you? But of course, having a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy is your top priority. We are going to recommend you some maternity clothes and items for this very busy and very special period. Do not do your pregnancy shopping without reading!

1. Maternity jeans

A must have in every mom-to-be’s closet. Moreover, there are various types from boyfriend to salopete, from skinny to short leg. Maternity jeans are one of the most comfortable parts of your pregnancy . The most advantageous part is that you can use it after giving birth, until you lose weight. After all, the waist is elastic!

2. A black straight dress

Surely there is no woman who does not know that the “little black dress” is the most sophisticated savior! Here, inspired by the little black dress, we suggest you a plain, black maternity dress , which is one of the biggest saviors of the pregnancy period . With this dress, you can go to your best friend’s wedding, your cousin’s graduation ceremony, attend a cocktail party for business or an art organization!

3. A cute pregnant t-shirt

There are those who are so witty, so funny, so sweet! Besides, if you don’t wear maternity t-shirts now, when will you?

4. Comfortable orthopedic shoes

Here is another must-have for a pregnant woman , comfortable maternity shoes . Because, as of the third trimester of pregnancy , leg pain may increase and swelling may begin in the feet. Also, most pregnant women prefer 0.5 or 1 size shoes during this period, let’s not forget to remind them.

5. Pregnancy pillow

There are so many people who complain of back pain starting from the second trimester of their pregnancy! Your belly, which grows day by day, will gradually reduce the comfort of sleep. Fortunately, maternity pillows produced for expectant mothers who suffer from not being able to sleep comfortably will cure their problems!

6. Waist support band

You can also prevent varicose veins and bladder miscarriage thanks to the pregnant waist support band that you can use to support your waist and belly, and you can use it as a tummy tuck after delivery.

7. Water bottle

Here is the most necessary item that should always be with you! A water bottle to remind you to drink water. Of course it has to be glass. If you wish, you can decorate it with stickers specially for this period, and add cinnamon and lemon if it will make it easier for you to drink water.

8. Fan

If the last stages of her pregnancy will come to summer, fans are indispensable. “When will the air conditioners stop, is there a fan left?” do not say. Be sure to be with you. There may be a sudden fire, you may not have access to the air conditioner for a certain period of time, the air conditioner may touch. In short, whatever happens. Also; There have been many different simple solutions in recent years, hand fan being one of them. You can have it in your bag.

9. Maternity bra

Are you starting to gain weight and your bras are bothering you? So now is the time to start using maternity bras. We especially recommend you to choose cotton ones. If you buy from those with removable cups, you can continue to use them during breastfeeding.

10. Poncho

What is the most useful maternity outerwear outfit? Of course the maternity poncho ! Especially for those who are looking for a narrower and more comfortable piece with a coat, a savior. There are short ones, there are long ones, there are cotton ones, there are woolen ones, there are felts and stamps. In short, you can easily find the right one for every weather condition and every environment. Moreover, you can continue to use it after the pregnancy period is over.

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