My Child Says The Same Thing Over and Over, Why?

Children are very inquisitive by nature and can ask a lot of questions throughout the day due to their endless energy. However, asking the same questions over and over can sometimes be daunting and worrying. This situation can cause parents to worry that “my child says the same thing over and over, why might that happen”.

What are the reasons behind the child’s repetition of the same words, in which situations should you get support? Let’s have a little talk!

My child says the same thing over and over, why?

Asking questions is a part of children’s nature to transfer new information to their empty minds. By constantly asking questions, they also improve their speaking skills. Sometimes there is only a motive of curiosity under these questions, but this may also point to some psychological disorders.

When it comes to children, it is thought that psychological disorders are not common in them. However, many of the problems seen in adults can also be seen in children. Underneath the child saying the same thing over and over;

  • The need for calm
  • superior intelligence ,
  • hyperactivity ,
  • in college,
  • obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD),
  • Conditions such as autism spectrum disorder may lie.

Behaviors such as talking too much and asking too many questions can be indicators of giftedness and hyperactivity in children. However, if the child asks repetitive questions in the same way and continues this behavior until he gets the answer he wants and gets comfortable, it may indicate obsessive compulsive disorder or autism spectrum disorder.

If the child tends to repeat the same words over and over again, this may also be due to echolalia. If your child is asked “what’s your name” he answers “what’s your name” or if he says “good night Can” when he says “good night Can”, this may indicate echolalia. Echolalia is seen in most autistic children with speech skills. This situation, which is expected to end around the age of 2.5-3, can improve with age and education.

How to deal with a child who repeatedly asks the same question?

Just because young children ask the same questions doesn’t always mean there’s a problem. Usually at the age of 3, children can ask the same question over and over throughout the day. Your child is growing and completing his own development process, so you should take care to answer his questions with tolerance. However, if these questions or conversations become remarkably repetitive, you should monitor your child closely and seek expert support without wasting time.

The child with obsessive compulsive disorder tries to get comforting answers from his parents in return for the questions he asks with the worries triggered by the thoughts. The child’s tendency to ask questions that reduce anxiety may gradually increase and he may begin to be seriously affected by this situation.

If the child’s repetition of his own words is a symptom caused by the autism spectrum, it will be much more challenging for him to understand abstract things. For this reason, trying to illuminate the subject with visual tools will help him understand the situation he is in and become a calmer child.

In which cases should you seek expert support?

When you notice a glitch or weirdness in your child’s social and language development, you should definitely consult a specialist. That is, “My child says the same thing over and over and doesn’t do it for comfort, I suspect something is wrong.” If so, it’s best to consult a specialist without wasting your time. Autism diagnosis and symptoms can be eliminated with early diagnosis and proper education.

OCD treatment, on the other hand, needs to be evaluated and handled just like in adults. Repetitive behaviors such as my daughter is very obsessive, my son constantly asks if my hands are clean, are important indicators for parents at this point. If early-onset obsessive conditions are not treated, this can lead to significant problems in adulthood.

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