My Child Talks Too Much, What Should I Do?

Are you looking forward to talking, chatting and having fun with your child? But what’s that, your child doesn’t shut up! Your child asks a lot of questions, talks a lot and sometimes you can’t keep up with his performance? It’s nice to be talkative yes, but is that a problem? What should you do if this talkativeness does not drive you crazy? Do you need to silence your child who talks too much?

My child talks a lot, if you are wondering what should I do and what are the reasons for this situation, read our article!

Why does your child talk a lot?

He wants to share his learnings and discoveries with you!

Your child is like a blank page and remembers everything that touches him. These discoveries and new information are very exciting for him and he definitely wants to share this excitement. Especially if he has had a success or gain with these discoveries, he is eager to tell you about it in every detail. Although this may sound fun at first, it can become tiring for you over time.

Responses from you give him confidence!

With the questions he asks you repeatedly, he is actually looking for answers that will comfort and guide you. Your answers will guide him. It encourages him on the way he goes and expects stable answers by constantly asking questions in order to be convinced and reinforce these situations.

Trying to understand the situation!

Since the child begins to be involved in the life he is in, he wants to understand what is going on in that life. If there is a movement in the house, he will want to clarify the reason, whether he will go out when he changes, whether he will take him with him, whether someone will come to the house and many other such things, so he can list his persistent questions one after the other.

Chatting is a game for him!

Your child learns many words and phrases day by day. He remembers most of these by reinforcing them with repetitions. It is the perfect game for him to explain these to you and reinforce them by talking. Also, the new words or words you hear while talking to you open the door to new experiences for him. Therefore, he may try to have a conversation by saying many meaningful or meaningless things. In addition, these conversations strengthen the relationship between you.

He’s trying to get attention!

In some cases, the child may feel that the interest in himself has decreased and he may start persistent conversations to reverse this. Especially loud, meaningless conversations can indicate this condition.

My child talks a lot, what should I do?

  • Create a calm and peaceful environment at home. Keep your child away from arguments. Because loud noise is stimulating and causes your child to tense up.
  • Determine if your child has a vision or hearing problem.
  • Show him the attention he expects. Do not lose interest, especially if he has a sibling or if his habits have changed.
  • Know that this time is temporary and be patient, do not turn it down when it comes to you excitedly for a chat.
  • Know that it is not naughty for your child to talk too much.
  • Set boundaries for your child, as well as allow him to face the consequences of his actions.
  • Do not limitlessly fulfill everything your child wants.
  • Allow your child to express himself and give him limited choice.
  • If your child speaks too loudly, is too frivolous, too active and cannot control himself, you can consult a pedagogue.
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