Newborn Baby Care: What You Need to Know in 12 Questions!

While raising your baby, you will encounter many situations that you did not think of. You will be undecided about what to do or whether you are on the right track. Calm down! These situations that everyone goes through will pass in time and everything will fall into place. We have written an article to make your job easier during this process. Here is “How is newborn baby care?” What comes to mind in answer to the question!

1. How should the newborn breastfeeding order be?

Nurse both breasts at least 8-10 times in 24 hours and let him finish one at a time! Your baby may be sleeping when you think it’s time to breastfeed. You may also prefer to delay breastfeeding when you don’t want to interrupt her sleep. However, you should be careful that breastfeeding intervals do not exceed 3 hours.

If your baby suckles in less than 10 minutes, he may not be able to empty your breast completely. In such a case, you can help it by applying light pressure to your breast.

2. What should the newborn sleep pattern be like?

You will find that your newborn spends most of the day sleeping, but his sleep patterns are very different from yours. In this temporary order, the baby sleeps for 12-16 hours a day, wakes up after 1 to 2 hours of sleep and resumes the same pattern. When you are 2 weeks old, you can observe that the sleep and wake times increase.

3. How to relieve gas pain in newborn babies?

  • Place your baby on your shoulder with his back straight.
  • Close your fingers so that there is a space in the palm of your hand.
  • Make the trapped gas rise by repeatedly tapping a point near your baby’s tummy with your palm.
  • Then rub your baby’s back with your palm and help the gas out.

4. How should the navel care of the newborn baby be?

You may find that the umbilical cord falls off within two weeks of birth. If you can keep the umbilical cord dry during this process, the fall of the ligament will accelerate. For this reason, it is important that you do not wash your baby in the tub until the umbilical cord falls off and make sure that this area does not get wet.

In addition, the contact of the umbilical cord with air allows it to heal faster. For this reason, it is better not to cover the area with a diaper.

After the umbilical cord falls off, you can speed up its drying by placing an alcohol or cologne cloth on the area.

If you notice inflammation, itching or redness around the umbilical cord, you may need to consult your doctor. We recommend that you keep in mind that such situations may arise from reasons that require immediate treatment.

5. How to make a newborn baby bath?

When your baby’s umbilical cord falls off, you can start bathing him in the tub. So, how are you going to wash your little baby? Here are the steps to overcome this job that you are a little worried and excited about:

  • Get the tub and baby’s clothes ready!
  • Set the water temperature to warm!
  • While holding your baby tightly with one hand, start washing with the other!
  • After washing your baby’s head, back and butt, do not forget to wash the folds such as the neck and between the fingers!

6. How to care for a newborn kangaroo?

When kangaroo care is mentioned, premature babies come to mind. If you also have a premature baby, it can be very useful to apply this method.

So, what is kangaroo care? It is skin contact that starts with the baby lying on his chest for half an hour.

This method can facilitate the weight gain of the baby with low birth weight and contribute to its development. You can start applying this skin-to-skin theme as soon as your baby’s health becomes stable.

In addition, skin-to-skin contact with your baby is important not only for the development of your baby, but also for reducing the worries you experience due to meeting your baby at an early date. Let’s just say that connecting with him and hearing his heartbeat will ward off a lot of troublesome thoughts running through your mind.

7. How does a newborn baby cry?

Your baby may cry for many reasons.

  • to be hungry,
  • fear,
  • removing it,
  • dirty gold,
  • Gas shortage is just a few of these reasons.

Before you can stop your baby crying, you need to know why your baby is crying. That’s why you should be a good observer and try to figure out how your baby reacts.

In some cases, you may not be able to understand why you are crying, our advice for such situations:

  • Embrace,
  • Dismissal,
  • don’t say lullaby,
  • Breast-feeding,

Methods that will make you feel safer and relax with physical contact, such as putting a hot towel on your stomach.

By the way, when you hold your crying baby in your arms, you don’t get used to it or pamper it, remember! On the contrary, you will ensure that he is peaceful and happy.

8. What should be the room temperature of the newborn?

It is recommended that the room temperature in which the baby is located is between 22 and 23 degrees. Extremely hot environments will disturb your baby’s peace as it can cause nasal congestion. Here’s another reason to cry!

9. How should a newborn baby be dressed?

Since the baby’s sweat glands are not yet developed, he does not sweat. That’s why the extremely hot environment, the clothes you wear in layers can disturb him. If you have a baby born at normal birth weight and on time, it is enough to wear only one layer more than you. Also, make sure your baby’s clothes are made of cotton so that their skin can breathe.

Let’s give a hint that your baby is not cold: Babies often have cold hands and feet. This may be misleading you. However, if your baby’s neck is warm, it means that your baby is not cold.

10. How should the circumcision care of the newborn baby be?

Bleeding and discharge may occur after the baby is circumcised. These currents are an indication that the area is starting to heal. To accelerate this healing;

  • You can use two cloths on the first day. Thus, you both prevent your baby’s thighs from hitting each other and protect the penis.
  • It’s best to wrap the penis in ointment gauze every time you change a diaper and not soak it until it’s healed.

11. How should the genital area be cleaned in newborn girls?

It is enough to clean your daughter’s genitals in a similar way to other parts of her body. The important point here is that you always clean from front to back and in one motion. This way, you prevent the poop from spreading elsewhere. You can open the lip parts slightly and gently wash between the folds.

12. Is the use of wet wipes recommended for newborns?

Wet wipes contain chemicals. Therefore, if you use wipes frequently, these chemicals can accumulate on your baby’s skin.

If you have difficulty in cleaning your baby without using wet wipes, you can rinse the wiped areas with water after using the wet wipe.

However, let’s say you shouldn’t use wet wipes on rash and irritated areas.

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