Newborn Needs List

The needs of the little soul you brought into the world are not few. Moreover, these are just newborn needs. If only you could see what’s in the baby essentials list ! Without further ado, let’s leave the newborn needs list here. Check it out, do you have any shortcomings?

What are newborn baby needs?

Newborn out-of-hospital needs list!

Hospital checklist
3 pieces of underwear
2 socks and booties
2 footed stretch overalls
carrying case

Milk time: Feeding time needs!

Feeding time products list
Small and large feeding bottles
bottle warmer

Let it sleep or grow: What do you need!

bedtime needs
waterproof cover
Cover made of antiperspirant fabric
baby monitor
mobile and night light
square fabric cloth

You can use the square cloth cloth to put it on your baby’s shoulder while you burp, or to put it on the sheets while spitting. Thus, instead of washing the cardigan or your baby’s sheet, you can make your life easier by washing this cloth.

What you need when changing diapers!

Diaper change list
Cat cream
changing mat
A soft handkerchief that you wet

It’s time to travel!

List of materials you will need to go out
car seat
The stroller
Baby carrier (Kangaroo)

It’s bath time: Let the preparations begin!

bath time needs
baby tub
baby soap
Eyeless Shampoo
sterile cotton balls
Baby nail clippers
bath thermometer

You may not need a baby bath. You can even wash your baby in the bathroom sink. But it will be easier to wash in the tub, let’s say. During these times when you are inexperienced in baby bathing, a small tub is not intimidating and can help you bathe your baby more confidently. You can also prefer basins that start to be added to the tubs and hold the baby in a similar way to the mother’s womb.

You can use sterile cotton balls to clean your baby’s eyes, wipe the umbilical cord and change diapers.

Have it at hand!

List of things to add to the medicine cabinet
Antiseptic cream
Calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream
sunscreen cream
Sterile band-aids and gauze
adhesive tape

You can use antiseptic cream on small cuts. Calamine lotion or hydrocotisone cream can help with mosquito bites and itchy rashes.

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Welcome to the World of Mother & Child!

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