Newborn Sleep Pattern: 6 Questions 6 Answers!

“Sleeping like a baby” does not mean sleeping soundly, as it is said at all. You are witnessing this situation very closely. Your baby, who spends most of the day sleeping, has a very different sleep pattern and you have questions about this pattern. Then we are here with questions and answers about sleep in newborn babies.

1. What should the sleeping pattern of newborn babies be like?

It may take time for your baby to establish a sleep pattern. In the first month, he usually sleeps and wakes for 24 hours. The fact that he cannot distinguish between night and day delays his sleep pattern. However, after the first 2 weeks, the pattern begins to form gradually.

Sometimes, this order can be difficult to establish. Some babies may have a harder time adjusting to their environment than other babies, demanding more attention, or refusing to accept changes in their environment. That’s why it’s good to observe your baby’s behavior during this period.

2. When does the newborn baby sleep?

When your baby is 2 weeks old, you may notice that the sleep and wake times are longer. But be warned: “My baby’s sleep is in order!” as soon as you say so, you can see that this order has changed again. Therefore, we recommend that you accept the sleep interruptions that you will inevitably experience during this period.

3. How long is the newborn’s sleep time?

Your baby may sleep for an hour or two per lay. When these short but frequent naps are combined, a sleep period corresponding to approximately 12 to 16 hours occurs during the day. When he’s not sleeping, he stays awake long enough to feed.

4. How is the sleeping pattern of the newborn baby provided?

In some babies, daytime and nighttime naps may alternate. For example, if your baby spends most of the day sleeping instead of night, we can say that this is also true for your baby.

These problems may occur because the baby who sleeps during the day and sleeps less at night cannot yet understand the difference between night and day. But within a few days or weeks it will distinguish between day and night. Be patient!

Want to speed up this transition? Then our advice to you is to limit your baby’s sleep time to 3 to 4 hours during the day! Talk to him, burp him, sing, shake one of his toys in an area he can see! In short, keep him awake! Of course, this does not mean that you prevent your baby from sleeping even though he is very tired. Let’s say that the baby suffering from insomnia will be restless and cranky and will not be able to sleep well during the night.

If you can’t bear to wake him up, don’t create a quiet environment for him during his daytime sleep. If you put him to sleep in a place where the lights are on and sounds can be heard, your baby’s sleep may gradually shift from daytime to nighttime.

5. What are the sleep problems in newborn babies?

Sleep during feeding in newborns!

In the early stages, you may find that your baby falls asleep while breastfeeding. You will probably like this. But over time, this may become the only way for your baby to fall asleep. The baby may not fall asleep without breastfeeding. From this angle, when the baby rubs his eyes and seems restless, put him in his crib. She may cry at first, but if you wait 1-2 minutes she will fall asleep on her own. If he’s not sleeping, we recommend calming him down and then letting him go again.

Newborn crying in sleep!

You see that your baby wakes up crying even though he sleeps very often. This is because their sleep is REM sleep. During this sleep, the baby;

  • Dreams too much
  • breathes irregularly,
  • Makes wheezing sounds
  • He wakes up crying.

This situation may make you uneasy, but if you know that your baby’s bottom is clean and his stomach is full, we recommend that you do not worry about this issue. When your baby cries, you can hold him in your arms and stay with him until he feels safe.

Newborn unable to fall asleep!

You are faced with the most basic cause of your baby’s sleep disorders. Even if we are going to repeat it again, let’s say it again: Your baby is not yet able to distinguish between day and night. So at night, “Why doesn’t he sleep? What problem do you have?” As soon as you say so, you should look for the answer here.

6. How to solve the sleep problem in newborn babies?

If you think that your baby has a sleep problem, you can try to apply the suggestions we have listed below, as well as adjusting the daytime naps for newborn sleep training.

  • Put your sleepy baby to bed while awake!

With this method, he identifies the baby’s bed with the process of falling asleep. Thus, he can both get into the habit of sleeping on his own and understand that it is time to sleep.

  • Let the bedtime be determined!

We recommend that you do not allow your baby to sleep at indeterminate times as much as possible. Knowing the bedtime will help your baby get used to that time after a while and want to go to sleep by himself when that time comes.

  • Spend time before bed!

As your baby’s bedtime approaches, love, caress, cream, sing, bathe, read a book! These activities, which are enjoyable for both you and your baby, allow your baby to fall asleep easily. In addition, after a while, it identifies these activities with sleep and prepares itself for sleep during activities.

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