Postpartum Aesthetic Operations

One of the biggest concerns of mothers is that the weight gained during pregnancy causes sagging and stretch marks. For this reason, the interest in postpartum aesthetic operations is increasing day by day. We told you everything about the most preferred aesthetic procedures of mothers!

When can postpartum plastic surgeries be performed?

The most important complaints caused by pregnancy and childbirth in women are usually changes in the body such as sagging, deformation and lubrication. In postpartum aesthetic surgeries, women mostly have demands for tummy tuck and breast lift.

Anadolu Medical Center Aesthetics, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Professor Doctor Haluk Duman says the timing of postpartum plastic surgery is very important.

In breast aesthetics, at least 12 months after birth is considered appropriate for the baby to maintain a healthy life. Since there may be some changes in the breast after the breastfeeding period, it is useful to wait 6 more months after this 12-month period.

In order not to interrupt breastfeeding, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) surgeries require at least 12 months after delivery for proper timing.

If the baby is weaned early or no milk is given, if the baby returns to normal weight 6 months after birth, there is no harm in having aesthetic procedures.

postpartum breast aesthetics

Remaining the size of the breast during the breastfeeding period, sagging or having both a saggy and hollow appearance are among the most common postpartum problems.

  • Problems such as sagging and collapse are more common in women with large breasts. If the surgery is only for a small sagging, a breast prosthesis is usually applied.
  • If the sagging is severe, breast reduction and lift procedures are performed.
  • In addition to sagging, if the breast is empty, the breast is filled with prosthesis reinforcement as well as lifting.
  • Breast lift and reduction procedures take approximately 2-3 hours. It is possible to be discharged after 1 night.
  • After breast lift and tummy tuck surgeries, dressings are performed with an average of 2-3 days apart. After about 12 days, the stitches are removed. While the bruises seen after the operation completely disappear within 3-4 weeks, the edema and swellings disappear completely within 2-3 months.
  • A special bra should be used within 1 month after the operation.
  • The patients do not have serious pain complaints.

Postpartum tummy tuck aesthetic

Various deformations occur in the abdominal region after birth. Especially those who give birth to twins have a bombe-shaped belly. Postpartum tummy tuck surgeries are mostly performed by mothers for the problems encountered.

  • The most important deformation between the abdomen and the navel is the shrinkage of the skin when one reaches normal weight after birth. While the muscles are stretched with abdominoplasty, excess skin and fat tissue are removed and a stronger abdomen is created.
  • Being overweight after pregnancy causes sagging in the abdomen and fat in the waist-abdominal region. As the best solution to this, liposuction is also applied in addition to the tummy tuck process.
  • In some pregnancies, the adhesion of the abdominal muscles becomes too wide. In such cases, narrowing operations are performed, but if the opening cannot be closed, a flat abdomen cannot be obtained.
  • Liposuction and tummy tuck surgeries take approximately 2-3 hours.
  • The patient stays in the hospital for 1 night with a drain and the drains are removed after 4-5 days.
  • A special corset is used for operations in the abdominal region. The patient is advised not to do sit-ups for 2 months.

Postpartum vaginal aesthetics

After normal delivery, it is possible to remove the tears or unwanted scars that occur at the entrance of the vagina with vaginal tightening surgery and to restore the enlarged vagina.

  • The most frequently performed vaginaplasty procedures depending on the complaints of women; labia minora (reduction of the inner lips of the vagina), labia majora (outer lips) oil injection and vaginal tightening operations.
  • The first 15 days after the operation can be difficult for patients.
  • Pain is relieved with painkillers.
  • During this period, the most important thing for patients is not to bathe in the bathtub and not to have sexual intercourse for 1-1.5 months.

Who can have plastic surgery after giving birth?

  • If you are not expecting any pregnancy,
  • If there is no problem in terms of your health,
  • If you are a non-smoker or agree not to smoke for several weeks before and after surgery
  • If you are not at a weight that will prevent you from having surgery,
  • If you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your body after pregnancy and most importantly have a realistic expectation about the results, we can say that you are a good candidate for postpartum aesthetics.

Is plastic surgery done for postpartum stretch marks?

Stretch marks during pregnancy are frustrating for many mothers after giving birth. Since the cracks are at the highest level of the skin, not much can be done with today’s technology unless they can be surgically removed. Although treatment with different types of lasers has been tried, a definite result has not been found yet; however, their visibility can be severely reduced.

Questions about abdominal and breast aesthetics

Will there be any traces of surgery in the abdominal region and breast aesthetics after birth?

Although the scars do not go away completely, they begin to become obscure within 1-2 years. It is important for patient satisfaction to ensure that the scars remain under the bikini as much as possible.

Can abdominal and breast aesthetics be applied to mothers of all ages?

Yes, these aesthetics can be applied to mothers of all ages.

Is the body of those who give birth by cesarean section more deformed than those who give birth normally?

It doesn’t matter. There is such a perception because the increase in cesarean delivery increases abdominal operations. Only in some cases, cesarean section scars are used to prevent the formation of a new surgical scar on the abdomen, so those who have a cesarean section are more open and fearless to have an operation.

What should I do if I am considering a pregnancy soon?

If you are thinking about pregnancy in the near future, you should not choose plastic surgery. If there is a long time in between, there is no harm in having plastic surgery.

Can plastic surgery be performed if the patient has a chronic disease such as heart, diabetes and blood pressure?

If the person with chronic disease is under control, these aesthetic operations do not carry a different risk than in standard surgery.

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