Postpartum Belly Melting Movements!

ou may experience belly sagging after birth, and you may be obsessed with excess weight around your abdomen. But don’t bother, it is possible to return to your old form with postpartum belly melting movements.

We said how postpartum belly goes, and we gathered the most effective abdominal exercises for you. Come on, get fit days with a little effort!

1. Crunches (Half shuttle)

The natural solution to sagging belly after birth is, of course, doing sports. Crunches are the most effective sit-ups you can do at home to melt your belly, they are perfect for working out your abdominal muscles. Let’s explain how to do it:

  • Lie on your back with your knees slightly bent, with the soles of your feet flat on the floor.
  • Put your hands under your head or across your chest.
  • Inhale when lying down, exhale when rising.
  • After getting up, wait 3-5 seconds, go back to sleep. In the meantime, you may feel a slight strain on your stomach as it will put a load on your abdominal muscles. This is perfectly normal as it shows that the gesture is working.

Crunches is a movement that will have a great effect even on its own for postpartum tummy tuck. So make sure to include it in your daily exercises.

2. Plank

Plank is perhaps the most difficult one among the belly melting exercises. On your first try, you will probably be able to last for 30 seconds at most, but you will see that this time increases and goes up to 1 minute as you progress. In addition to its difficulty, the plank is an excellent exercise for postpartum abdominal work. It works the whole body and strengthens muscle groups. It helps you recover postpartum belly sagging by working the diagonal and side abdominal muscles.

How should you apply?

  • Get into the prone position with your forearms and hands touching the ground.
  • Stand on tiptoe with your feet extended, keeping your legs slightly apart.
  • While continuing to breathe regularly, hold your body like a flat plank for as long as you can, 20-30 seconds is enough at the beginning.
  • Rest for 15 seconds and do 3 reps.

3. Cycling exercise

If you are looking for a masterful movement in melting belly fat, let us introduce you to the cycling exercise, which is very enjoyable to work out at home. Cesarean section is also very effective for melting the belly. As for how to do this belly melting exercise, which is tiring but very simple to implement:

  • Lie on your back and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle.
  • Bring your hands and elbows together in your neck area.
  • Bring your left knee closer to your right elbow.
  • Lie on your back again and repeat the movement, bringing your right knee closer to your left elbow.

4. Circling with the leg

Another of the ways to melt the belly is the movement of drawing a circle with the leg. It is a great option for those who ask how the belly goes after cesarean delivery. This move, which works the lower abdomen, also strengthens the abdominal muscles. Let’s explain how to implement it:

  • Lie on your back with your hands close to your body.
  • Lift your right leg into the air at a 90-degree angle, without bending it as much as possible.
  • Keep your toes taut.
  • Hold for 10-60 seconds and do the same movements for your left foot.

5. Belly melting with Pilates (Ball pass)

If you are one of those who say that belly-melting movements are good, I wish my legs worked at the same time, there is a super exercise next. It will help you a lot in dealing with postpartum belly sagging. Let’s move on to how to do this pilates belly melting move that not only strengthens your legs but also helps to burn belly fat and develop abs:

  • Lie on your back, holding an exercise ball over your chest, with your feet up toward the ceiling.
  • breathe out. Lower them toward the floor, moving your arms and legs away from each other.
  • Transfer the ball from your hands to your legs.
  • Then lower your arms and legs away from each other.
  • Bring them together, transfer the ball back to your hand.
  • Continuing like this, do 10-20 repetitions.

6. Flutter kicks

You’ve seen so far that it’s possible to train your abs without a belly button. Now, let’s introduce you to a new one, one of the most tiring ones among the belly melting exercises at home is flutter kicks. Flutter kicks, which are very effective, are perfect for sagging belly after birth, especially because it works the lower abdominal muscles. So how will you do it?

  • Lie on your back and clasp your hands under your head.
  • Raise your head until your shoulders are slightly lifted, and lift your feet about 15 cm off the ground.
  • Keep your right foot slightly higher than your left foot. Do the same for your other foot.

7. Mountain climber

You know that it is very difficult to get rid of belly fat after giving birth. The mountain climber, which effectively works the abdominal area to melt belly fat, is an exercise that feels like mountain climbing during practice. It’s not just a belly melting movement; It also works your legs, knees and hips. Therefore, if you are looking for belly and hip melting movements, this is the exercise you need. Let’s show you how to do it:

  • Keep your arms in an upright position with your palms touching the ground.
  • Extend your legs and keep your feet bent as you do the move.
  • Slowly bring your right knee back to its original position.
  • Do the same movements for the left knee.

8. Pelvik tilt

Now let’s move on to our concept of belly melting methods. Belly melting movements can also be done at home with the help of simple tools such as pillows and towels. You will need a pillow during the pelvic tilt exercise. You will love this movement, which has a massaging effect on the internal organs. It not only works your abdominal muscles, but also allows you to relax by stretching the muscles in your waist area. Here’s the application:

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees and place the soles of your feet on the floor.
  • Extend your arms to the side of your torso and turn your palms to face down.
  • Keep your elbows straight.
  • As you exhale, try to touch your lower back to the ground by contracting your abdominal muscles. With your back on the floor, contract your hips and raise them slightly. Hold your breath for a while.
  • As you inhale, lower your hips to the floor and relax your abdominal and hip muscles.
  • As you exhale, return to the starting position and repeat the movement several times.
  • Turn your palms up. Relax your torso, hands and arms, rest.
  • 10 repetitions are enough to start. A very simple exercise to lose belly fat after giving birth!

9. Bridge pose

Another effective method for sagging belly exercises after birth is the bridge pose. You can switch from pelvic tilt movement to bridge stance. Although it is a very simple tummy tuck, you may have some difficulty while waiting. Strengthens the back, abdomen, hip and leg muscles. Increases neck and back flexibility. It helps them to work more regularly by massaging their internal organs. While you’re looking for belly-burning exercises, there are additional benefits, what else? Let’s get to the construction:

  • Slowly raise your torso as you inhale. When the ascent is complete, bring your chin close to or touch your chest.
  • While in this position, practice belly breathing for a while.
  • As you exhale, lower your torso to the floor and perform the pelvic tilt.
  • As you breathe out, relax your abs, glutes and back muscles and arms. Turn your palms up, relax your hands.
  • Rest in this position for a while.

10. Heel touch

Many mothers dream of fast belly fat loss after giving birth. However, instead of suddenly burdening yourself, dedicating some time to exercises that melt your belly regularly every day will allow you to get the shape you want in a short time. The heel touch is also an effective move that will not strain your body too much in this regard. It is effective in burning the excess in the bagel area and melting belly fat. She also shapes her tummy, let’s get into practice:

  • Lay on your back. Extend one knee straight, bend the other.
  • Extend your arms to the side of your torso and look toward the ceiling.
  • Make sure your spine is straight. Lift your shoulders slightly off the ground.
  • Try to touch your right heel with your right hand. Immediately afterward, try to touch your left heel with your left hand.
  • Keep going as long as you can, 20 reps is enough to get started.

11. Towel pull action

Towel pulling is perfect for postpartum belly tightening! A belly-burning exercise that strengthens your abdominal muscles transversely and helps you burn fat along the way. Here’s the application:

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees and place the soles of your feet on the floor.
  • Place a towel on your knees and grasp each end.
  • Breathe out. Lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the ground by contracting your abs as you pull the ends of the towel toward you.
  • Exhale as you lift your shoulders off the ground.
  • Repeat this move 20 times.
ORIG: FP A10 Flat Out Fab, p108 half page (104-110). Reed Davis 60603. Shea Anne Pizzolato 62747. Digital.

12. Single leg exercise with a towel

We have come to the end of our belly fat melting movements we have prepared for you. One leg with a towel is one of the effective exercises to melt the lower belly. It strengthens the abdominal muscles and trunk, tightens the calves. Let’s explain how to do it:

  • Lie on your back and stretch your legs parallel to your waist.
  • Bend one knee towards your stomach and place a small towel over your calf.
  • Grab the towel by the ends and press it against your calves to create resistance.
  • Lift your head and shoulders. In the meantime, tighten your tummy. Extend your left leg forward while keeping it out.
  • Do a total of 10 repetitions, 5 times for each leg.

You can be sure that all these belly melting exercises will help you lose your postpartum weight. However, sport alone is not enough; Your diet is also very important. For this, you can do a belly melting diet, and you can get support from a dietitian to prepare a nutrition program suitable for you .

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