Postpartum Weight Loss and Nutrition Ways

Postpartum weight loss is one of the most curious subjects, isn’t it? But we also guess that there are questions about how my milk will be affected and how weight loss will be while breastfeeding.

We consulted the professionals for you. Expert Dietitian Selahattin Dönmez asked you the most curious questions about postpartum nutrition and weight loss. Don’t pass without reading our expert’s answers!

1. What is the best time to start postpartum weight loss?

During pregnancy, no one can stay at the desired weight or go through this process in a healthy way without gaining weight. Because the expectant mother has a baby that needs to grow and develop in her womb. The important thing during pregnancy is to gain an average of 10-14 kilos in a “healthy” way.

If everything goes well at birth, mothers lose around 5-7 kilos and usually lose 2-3 kilos spontaneously in the first 40 days after birth. In this case, only 5-6 kilos remain to lose weight after delivery. In order for this to be given, mothers; They should pay attention to their eating, drinking routine and living habits.

It is unhealthy to follow strict diets and to eat foods that lack carbohydrates and proteins to lose weight while breastfeeding. It is undesirable to reduce the amount and quality of breast milk. As long as mothers breastfeed regularly, they lose 1-2 kilos a month anyway. The thought of losing weight fast after childbirth should not be the priority of any mother.

In order to increase milk during lactation and return to pre-pregnancy weight, it is necessary to have a healthy, adequate and balanced diet. For this;

  • Getting a balanced diet from all food groups,
  • Vegetable,
  • Fruit,
  • Et,
  • Chicken,
  • Fish,
  • legumes,
  • It is recommended to consume basic foods such as nuts every day. When the necessary protein, vitamins and minerals are taken enough, it is much easier to reach and stay at a healthy weight.

In addition, walking for half an hour on a regular basis every day during breastfeeding also helps to lose weight. With all these, it may be possible to return to pre-pregnancy weight within 6 months after birth by eating healthy and increasing physical activity.

2. Is it okay for a breastfeeding mother to try to lose weight?

It is generally opposed to dieting by breastfeeding mothers, considering that trying to lose weight affects breast milk. Dieting while breastfeeding and removing one or more food groups from the nutrition program reduces the quality and quantity of milk. Experts state that a woman who breastfeeds regularly spends about 700 calories as much as doing sports for 1 hour a day. In this respect, every mother who has a healthy, balanced diet and regularly breastfeeds can lose weight.

To lose weight after birth only;

  • Balanced diet,
  • Consuming little from all food groups,
  • It is recommended to drink plenty of water. Already water; It both increases the amount of milk and facilitates weight loss.

3. Which foods should a breastfeeding mother be cautious about?

Some foods such as compote and sweets are thought to be foods that increase breast milk, and they are consumed frequently. Contrary to common belief, sweets do not increase the quantity or quality of milk. On the contrary, it increases the mother’s weight. For this reason, mothers who want to lose weight after pregnancy should avoid sweets as much as possible. To increase the amount and quality of milk;

  • The amount of water consumed during the day should increase,
  • About 3 liters of water should be consumed per day,
  • Compotes should be prepared by boiling only the fruit itself, without adding any sugar. Because compotes prepared with only fruit and water have a milk-increasing effect because they are both rich in vitamin value and liquid.
  • During the breastfeeding period, especially sugary, salty, fatty, packaged ready-to-eat foods and fast food-style foods should be avoided.

4. What is the weight loss process after cesarean section?

Women who gave birth normally can return to their normal lives 2 days after giving birth or a week at the most, if there is no extra problem, they can do their daily activities. However , after cesarean delivery , the woman should lie down at home for at least a week without getting up, except for the need for a washbasin. For this reason, a woman who has had a cesarean section can start walking only 1 month after the birth, if the doctor allows.

At the same time, women who are breastfeeding after both cesarean and normal delivery can lose 1-2 kilos a month without doing anything extra. So mothers;

  • In cesarean section and normal birth, mothers eat healthy, adequate and balanced nutrition,
  • By breastfeeding regularly
  • With the permission of the doctor, they can return to their pre-pregnancy weight at the end of the first 6 months by doing light postpartum exercises such as regular walking and swimming.

6. What should be the nutritional balance in order to lose weight after birth?

Natural nutrition;

  • Fruits,
  • Vegetables,
  • meats,
  • Dairy products,
  • legumes,
  • It is possible with whole grains. According to nutrition experts; Care should be taken to take from all food groups little by little and in a balanced way; Carbohydrate, fat and protein should also be included in the nutrition program.
Healthy sources of carbohydratesHealthy protein sourcesSources of healthy fats
whole grainslean beefNuts
Cottage cheese
Cow milk
Kidney bean
green lentils
Mexican beans
Rolled oats
Pumpkin seeds
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