Precautions for Breastfeeding Mothers

It is possible to encounter many problems during breastfeeding. The way to deal with them is to be informed and take precautions.

We have gathered everything you need to pay attention to in this article to help you.

1- Prepare your breasts for breastfeeding!

After birth, your milk may not come right away, or your baby may have difficulty grasping because your nipple is not shaped. There are small ways to avoid these problems before you start breastfeeding:

  • You can make gentle massages with circular movements to activate the milk ducts.
  • You can gently pinch the nipple with your thumb and forefinger so that it pops out.
  • With milking machines, you can both shape the nipple and activate milk production.

2- Learn correct breastfeeding positions!

The most important element of a comfortable and productive breastfeeding is to find the right position! If you are feeding your baby with the wrong breastfeeding position, you may encounter situations such as your baby not getting full, irritable and nipple cracks. That’s why you have to try and find the right position.

3- Pay attention to your diet!

Nutrition during breastfeeding is very important because you share everything you eat with your baby through your milk. That’s why you need to follow a diet that will benefit both you and your baby.

The essence of the breastfeeding mother’s diet is to avoid foods that cause gas in breast milk, to consume foods that make milk, not to consume empty calories, and to drink plenty of fluids. So don’t think about losing weight just because we say diet! But if you eat right in this process, you will definitely lose weight.

4- Learn ways to increase breast milk!

In fact, it is very easy to increase breast milk! Let us tell you about a few of the most basic ways:

  • Eat right. Eat plenty of fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts and drink fluids. Stay away from packaged foods.
  • Good rest. Get help if needed to care for your baby.
  • Try to solve breast-related problems (crack, mastitis, etc.).
  • Be peaceful and calm. Don’t stress, don’t listen to people’s words!

5- Learn what to do to lose weight while breastfeeding!

You should definitely not do weight loss diets to lose weight while breastfeeding. These diets cause a decrease in the efficiency of breast milk and may even cause the production to stop after a while.

You already burn a lot of calories while breastfeeding. This will help you get back to your old form. It is possible to lose weight slowly but in the right way by eating right and doing small exercises.

If your weight loss rate is too slow, you can consult a specialist after your baby’s 4th month.

6- Breastfeed whenever your baby wants!

Setting times to breastfeed your baby. Breastfeed whenever she wants. In this way, your mammary glands will be stimulated, milk production will increase and your baby’s development will be supported more.

In addition, since the breasts will be completely emptied in this way, the possibility of blockage in the nipple channels will be minimized.

7- Do not neglect breast care!

Your breasts will be your most active part during breastfeeding, so you may run into some problems.

  • nipple cracks,
  • mastitis ,
  • Congestion in the breast canals is one of the most common problems.

The most important things you should do to prevent them are to breastfeed frequently and correctly, not to neglect cleaning and to use nipple healing ointments if necessary !

8- Apply the milking process!

Many experts recommend expressing milk in addition to breastfeeding. Because this process has the following benefits:

  • shaping the nipple,
  • Preventing congestion in the channels by allowing excess milk to be discharged,
  • Again, preventing the baby from sucking the excess milk,
  • Encouraging production by stimulating milk ducts in those with low milk.

9- Store the milk you express correctly!

You can store your expressed breast milk in the freezer for 3 months, but you should not keep it in the refrigerator for longer than 48 hours. Then you should either use it immediately, put it in the freezer or throw it away.

You should thaw frozen milk by keeping it in the refrigerator for 1 night or under warm water.

You should never add milk that you have previously expressed to the old milk.

10- Understand whether your baby is full!

Here’s how you can tell when your baby is full after breastfeeding:

  • If she is fed at least 6-8 times a day,
  • If he wets his diaper at least 6 times,
  • If she poops at least 2 times,
  • If he is happy and healthy,
  • If she seems satisfied after breastfeeding,
  • If their high-pitched cries are not and their cries are low,
  • If he falls asleep after sucking, he is full.

11- Get support from breastfeeding products!

It is very important that you are comfortable while breastfeeding! You can provide this comfort with products such as nursing bras, pillows, armchairs and aprons. Each of these products ensures both you and your baby’s comfort and increases breastfeeding performance.

12- Do not stop breastfeeding when you are sick!

Do not interrupt breastfeeding unless you have diseases such as hepatitis, AIDS, tuberculosis, do not use heavy drugs and have undergone surgical intervention.

When it comes to diseases such as flu and cold, the structure of breast milk changes and it starts to contain antibodies that will prevent these diseases from being passed on to the baby. So don’t worry, your baby will not be affected by these problems.

13- If your baby doesn’t suckle, don’t switch to bottle and formula!

It can be difficult for your baby to get used to sucking at first. In such a situation “My baby is not suckling!” You should not say and give food. Over time, your baby will get used to this pace if you breastfeed properly.

It is much easier for babies to get used to the bottle than to the breast. That’s why if you give a bottle because the breast is not sucking, you should know that you will not be able to break it for a long time. We recommend that you wait at least 3 months before using a bottle.

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