The 8 Most Common Lies Tell Children

We can tell some white lies to our children so that they can finish their meal, not whine on the road, or hurt themselves. Just like the lies we were told when we were little. We know that while doing this, you only want the best of your child like all other mothers. In this article, we talked about the most common lies told to children from yesterday to today, let’s have some fun!

1. If you don’t eat, she cries after you

This is perhaps the most heartbreaking of the lies told to children. Occasionally, we thought that if those peas remained on the plate, we would shed tears behind us, but we had to eat it so that the tomatoes would not think that they were not liked. This emotional bond we established with fruits and vegetables must have been so strong that we did not stop doing the same to our own child after we became a mother.

2. If you don’t eat, your neighbor’s child will eat it

There’s also this, of course. Although it is strange to use it in a country that loves neighborliness like ours, it is undoubtedly a useful method. We were threatened that if you did not eat, the neighbor’s son or daughter would eat it.

3. You’ll have as many children as the remaining rice

For example, we could never understand this. All we knew was to finish all the rice for fear I wouldn’t have that many children. What about the times between eating that last rice and not eating it… Oh guys, you don’t deserve these lies.

4. Don’t squint your eyes, you’ll stay that way

A phrase heard by every child who squints, sometimes for mischief and sometimes to scare each other with their friends. Of course, the heart of a mother who sees her child, whose face and eyes take on strange shapes, can’t stand it. However, like every mother’s method, this one is very successful in deterrence.

5. We will get off after one stop

“When will we get off?” The sentence that is the inevitable end of children whining. It will never get old because it keeps it busy for 10 stops.

6. If you suck your finger, it will stay tiny

Although it may sound sweet in infancy, it can be frustrating for parents to continue the habit of thumb sucking in childhood. This is “If you suck your thumb, it will be tiny.” It can lead to intimidating lies such as Let alone the white lie part, this situation can actually damage the teeth.

7. The birds told me

It’s time to reveal your secrets! Even though it was the number one thing in making the mischief confessed, we took birds very seriously at the time.

8. Drinking molasses as cola

The bitter end of children who are burned with the desire for coke is to drink the diluted molasses with the intention of coke. But let’s face it, it’s a creative method. Of course, it doesn’t work for all ages.

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