The Most Common Mistakes in Baby Care

Maybe you read it somewhere, maybe your mom told you! But some traditional baby care information is actually not true, and many mothers apply some of this information.

In this article, we are talking about the mistakes you know right and the mistakes made in baby care. Come on, it’s time to learn the truth!

1- Salting the baby so that it does not stink

Baby salting tradition is very practiced in our country. There is a belief that by adding salt to the baby’s bath water, washing with this water will not allow the baby’s sweat to smell. Of course, this is not the case!

Rubbing baby’s delicate skin with salt will cause serious troubles such as dehydration. If you have such a tradition in your family, we advise you to stay away.

2- Waiting for the baby’s forties to cut their nails

This is one of the superstitions. Of course, there is no harm in health or religion to cut a nail before the baby is 40 days old. If your baby’s nails are getting too long and he’s hurting himself, you can cut them by choosing the right tools and methods.

3- Wearing thick clothes in all seasons in case it gets cold

Since your baby is small and vulnerable, you may not know how it will be affected by the weather conditions, and you may be afraid of catching a cold. However, you should definitely dress your baby according to the weather conditions. If you dress your baby in long-sleeved, thick clothes in the summer heat, you may face problems such as excessive sweating, rash, and rash.

4- Giving formula before going to sleep

This is a common misapplication. It is a big mistake that should not be made to prevent the baby from getting hungry at night by giving it formula before going to sleep and thus ensuring that it does not wake up. Because this causes the baby to gain empty calories and unnecessary weight. The right thing will be to breastfeed your baby as he gets hungry!

5- Giving food because milk is not enough

Some mothers think that their baby does not have enough milk due to short-term sucking and the lack of pressurized milk from their breasts, and they start to breastfeed. However, it is a serious problem to start formula while the mother’s milk is coming and not to consult a specialist on this issue.

“My baby can’t get enough!” You must first know with what symptoms this will occur.

6- Cleaning the baby’s bottom with a wet wipe

Wet wipes are unfortunately often used for cleaning the diaper area. However, the alcohol, perfume and chemicals in these wipes irritate the baby’s skin and cause problems such as sensitivity and diaper rash.

It is best to use only clean water for diaper area cleaning! If you can’t wash it every time, you can try cotton and water.

7- Not doing arson because it is harmful

For a long time, mothers did not favor this idea, as it was thought that swaddling infants caused hip dislocation. However, it has been proven that swaddling does not cause hip dislocation if correct swaddling is performed. If you try the half swaddle model, which wraps the upper part of the body and leaves the lower part more comfortable, the baby will stay away from the risk of hip dislocation and will reduce colic , gas, moodiness and insomnia problems.

8- Sitting in front of the TV to eat

This is the biggest mistake made in baby care in our age! Attracting the baby’s attention to the television, mobile phone or tablet because he is not eating turns this into a habit. Your baby may not want to eat without these. So instead of using video, cartoons, try chatting and not pushing.

9- Introducing the non-sucking baby to solid food ahead of time

Unfortunately, not all babies are breastfed for at least 6 months, and some need to be fed formula. But this does not mean that solid food will be started before the 6th month. Because formula foods are produced in the closest way to breast milk. In this way, it meets all the nutritional needs of the baby.

10- Giving sugar water to relieve jaundice

There is information among the people that neonatal jaundice is treated with sugar water. However, giving a newborn baby sugar water is more like playing with his health than a cure. Giving sugar water to a baby who hasn’t even completed 1 month yet causes kidney damage and imbalances in blood sugar. That’s why you should follow your doctor’s recommendations in the treatment of your baby.

11- Giving a hiccuping baby lemon water

When a hiccuping baby is given lemon, he will suddenly hold his breath and his diaphragm will contract, so his hiccups will stop. However, the pH value of lemon is not very suitable for babies. Lemon can cause stomach problems and nappy rash in babies. That’s why it’s wrong to give lemons to babies ahead of time.

12- To use antibiotics immediately when the baby has a fever

Babies can get a fever for many reasons. However, it is very dangerous to start using antibiotics without a clear reason and without recommending the doctor. If you give antibiotics to the baby when they don’t need it;

  • The immune system is damaged.
  • Their kidneys are adversely affected.
  • Liver functions are impaired.

For this reason, the use of antibiotics in infants is inconvenient unless the doctor recommends it and there is no bacterial condition.

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