The Most Suitable Baby Toy Models for 1-3 Years Old

If you are unsure about which toys are suitable for your baby’s different developmental stages, this article is for you! In this article, we have compiled baby toy models that are suitable for babies aged 1 to 3 years . Here are 7 toy recommendations for your baby!

1. Rattle Toys

One of the best-known baby toys : Rattle toys! These toys are considered suitable for 3-month-old baby development. Because at this stage of development, the baby can hold and shake toys. With the influence of his curiosity to learn, he tries to discover everything by taking it in his hands and touching it. So, your baby will probably be interested in holding and shaking baby toys with rattles .

2. Objects Divided into Pieces

These toys are suitable for when baby tries to understand objects by touching and examining! During periods when your baby is curious about rattle toys, you can buy these toys for him and watch him tearing objects into pieces with excitement.

We can also mention a significant advantage of these cloth toys compared to rattle toys. Usually, when the baby plays by himself, he lies on his back and shakes the toy he grasps, turns it, sometimes throws it, and sometimes leaves it where it is. In this case, these soft toys may be safer than toys with rattles, which can get in your baby’s face and hurt him .

3. Sleeping Companion

When the baby was born, he was sleeping all the time, but as time progressed, he started to sleep less and insisted on not sleeping. During these periods, you can introduce her to her sleep partner. If you’re asking what is a sleep partner , let’s say it right away. Usually a 4-month baby suitable companion for thought to be sleeping, baby toys is to facilitate the plunge into self sleep. By cuddling, cuddling, playing, your baby calms down and can fall asleep more easily.

By the way, your baby’s sleep companion can be anything. In general, sleeping companion elephants are common. Because the baby’s ability to hug the pillow and insist on not leaving the pillow develops. Elephants are also preferred because they are large and suitable for use as a pillow.

4. Gymnastics Toy

Your baby is moving and developing new skills with the passing of time. For example, it is observed that the 9-month-old baby starts to sit with support, can turn on his own, and develops the ability to grasp the objects in his hand. During this period, you can enable your baby to do activities that will develop the musculoskeletal system.

For this, we recommend that you make use of gymnastic toys for babies so that they can be in the form of play without forcing the baby . One of them is to make use of a mechanism consisting of toys that the baby cannot reach at arm’s length, but can reach when he tries to reach upwards. While the baby is trying to reach upwards,

  • The development of body muscles,
  • Progress in hand and eye coordination,
  • To comprehend the color, size and differences of the toys in the mechanism,
  • He/she shows improvement in recognizing his/her own body.

5. Toy Balls

It’s time for balls from the most well-known baby toy varieties ! Depending on the baby’s developmental stage, he can simply swing the ball, crawl after it, or run. Considering the ball games, which we cannot limit to a certain period, in terms of when your baby is younger than 3 years old, we can recommend you to buy soft balls.

Also, let’s talk about the benefits of toy balls for the development of the baby when he is younger than 3 years old .

  • Actions such as hitting, grasping, releasing and shaking accelerate the baby’s fine motor development.
  • After the ball, the baby’s gross motor skills develop.
  • The crawling game turns into a chase game over time.

6. House Toys

During the 18-24 months baby development process, the baby may want to learn new things, imitate what he sees from you and gain independence in this way. You can make your baby take on the role of you or other people around you with doll house toys .

In this way, the baby can gain new experiences and understand better the behaviors he observes by reducing them to his own dimensions.

In these times when your baby is interested in playing house, you can also give a little help to speed up his development.

  • You can tell the names of the toys your baby plays with and teach them their colors.
  • During the game, you can ask him to wash the dishes, cook, take care of the sick. So you can help your baby stimulate their imagination and imitation ability.
  • You can read books about the games he plays and show the pictures in the books. In this way, you give him new ideas that he can imitate, apart from what he observes around him.

7. Plastic Animal Toys

Finally, we feature one of the baby development toys that helps baby dream . We guess that the various animal figures designed in a suitable size for the baby’s hand will attract the attention of the baby with their realistic appearance.

You can teach the names of many animals around, from animals that are hard to see, to pets, to extinct animals, to underwater animals, through these toys. We also recommend that you keep in mind that it will also positively influence your baby’s imagination.

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