Things to Consider in the Baby’s First 6 Months

After the pregnancy process, you held your baby in your arms. We know that he will strive to have a good development process. A baby’s first six months are full of surprises. It grows at an astonishing rate. Read on to find out what to watch out for in this process. But do not forget! Every baby develops differently. If you have concerns, you can always ask your doctor.


If you are a new parent, many of the questions in your mind may be related to your baby’s nutrition. How much should my baby weigh? Can a sleeping baby be woken up to breastfeed? Why does he want to suck all the time? When can my baby start solid food? We can hear you asking questions like:

It is recommended that only breast milk be given for the first 6 months in the feeding of the baby. In the absence of breast milk, you can use formula by talking to your doctor. You should not give your baby any food other than breast milk or formula for the first 6 months. (This includes water or juice.)

Every baby is unique. However, there is an unchanging fact that breastfed babies get hungry more quickly than formula-fed babies. Because breast milk is easily digested and empties from the stomach much faster than formula. That’s why it’s natural for your baby to want to suckle constantly in the first months.

In fact, the baby’s stomach is only the size of a cherry on the first day of birth. It will be the size of a walnut on the 3rd day, the size of an apricot at the end of the 1st week, and the size of an egg at the end of the 2nd week. You can tell whether your baby is full from the weight he gains and his daily pee diapers, provided that he is always weighed on the same scale.

Sleep patterns

0-3 Months

In this period, it is possible for your baby to sleep well in your arms, with skin contact. Love, peace and conditions close to the womb comfort the baby. So how does this happen? Your scent, rocking your baby with gentle oscillations, breastfeeding profusely, swaddling arms that mimic the tight environment of the uterus, and using white noise imitating the sound of the uterus are examples of these.

4-6 Months

During this period, the baby grows very fast. The baby, who is approaching the end of the newborn stage, has started to get used to the world and has even entered the process of discovery. That’s why it’s important to gradually gain sleep habits. We recommend that you never start habits that you will have to leave in the future to avoid trouble later. Like swinging, walking around in a car, walking on a kangaroo, walking around on your lap…

You can finish the applications such as shaking and white noise that you applied in the first 3 months, step by step, by reducing a little more each day. If you are consistent in this regard and continue to support your baby emotionally throughout the process, you will get positive results.

Sleep is as important as nutrition for a baby’s development. No matter what month your baby is, he needs calming down for sleep. A sleep routine also makes your baby feel safe. Every baby is unique. But most babies love a pre-bedtime bath and are calm. You can also add a bath to your sleep routine.

You can use Uni Baby Newborn Foam Hair and Body Shampoo in these bath rituals. It gently cleans your newborn’s hair and skin with 95% natural origin ingredients and pure water in its content.

Changing Bottom

It may take time to learn and get used to changing your baby’s diaper. At first, you may be worried about hurting your baby or doing something wrong. Over time, your hand will get used to it and you will be able to do these things practically.

The important point here is that you pay attention to your baby’s sensitive skin. You should choose a diaper and wet wipes that will not cause allergies for your baby. Uni Baby Newborn Wet Wipes, Turkey’s first and only newborn wipe with approved naturalness, can be a good choice for your baby with its Etko Cosmos approved content. It gently cleans the newborn baby’s skin without irritating with its structure woven with 100% natural origin fibers, purified water and organic cotton content.

Belly Care

In order for the umbilical cord to fall off quickly, you should take care to keep it dry. For this reason, instead of washing your baby directly at first, you can take a wiping bath. If you are wondering what a wiping bath is, you can read this article.

Another factor that allows the umbilical cord to heal quickly is to allow it to breathe. You should leave the umbilical cord uncovered to stay out of the diaper.

We recommend that you do not clean the umbilical cord with alcohol. With the recommendation of the World Health Organization, it is recommended not to use alcohol cotton in belly care anymore. In this way, the umbilical cord dries faster.

Bathroom Layout

You can bathe your newborn baby with a sponge bath for the first few weeks. This is the safest way to clean your baby before the umbilical cord falls off.

After the navel area has healed, you can bathe your baby directly in water. Their first bath should be as short as possible. Your baby may have some objection in their first bath. If he objects, you can go back to the sponge bath for a week or two. Then you try the bath again. Your baby will usually signal you when he’s ready for a bath.

We know that you take care of your baby’s sensitive skin. Thanks to its tear-free formula and foam form, you can gently apply Uni Baby Newborn Foam Hair and Body Shampoo to your baby.

Skin care

Baby skin is very gentle and allergic. This is why you should be careful that the products you use for your baby are hypoallergenic. To protect your baby’s sensitive skin, we recommend that you pay attention to the following items:

  • Change your baby’s diaper often. You can use anti-dandruff creams.
  • Try not to keep your baby too hot. (Babies’ hands and feet are always cold. You can tell if they’re cold by the nape of their neck.)
  • If your baby’s skin is dry, you can moisturize with Uni Baby’s baby oils.
  • Choose your clothes and bedding from cotton fabrics.
  • Your baby’s clothes that come into contact with his skin for 24 hours should be washed with products developed for his sensitive and permeable skin. Uni Baby Newborn Liquid Laundry Soap offers the liquid form of the naturally sourced soap you know. Thus, it does not leave soap residue on the laundry. You can carefully clean your baby’s clothes that come into contact with their delicate skin with the naturally sourced formula of Uni Baby Newborn Liquid Laundry Soap.
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