Tips to Know for Night Potty Training

The thing that confuses mothers the most during toilet training is undoubtedly what to do at night. We know that questions such as whether the child should be woken up at night or the diaper should be tied during toilet training confuses him.

So, how should toilet training be given at night, what issues should be considered? In this article, we have explained all your curiosity.

Should the child be awakened at night while toilet training?

First of all, we must say that in order for your child to go to the toilet at night on his own will, he must have received the correct toilet training during the day. For this reason, your child actually needs to get used to the lack of diapers and the trouble of peeing under them.

However, the child who does not need to wake up to pee at night may not need to wake up after the start of toilet training. For this reason, it may be beneficial to take your child to the toilet at regular intervals during the night at the beginning of toilet training. For this reason, especially in the first days, “Is it right to pee at night?” We can answer yes to the question.

However, a group of experts argue that the method of removing the child to pee at night is not correct, and that the child cannot realize by himself that his bladder is full in this way. For this reason, as we said above, it may be more appropriate to use the night wake-up method in toilet training in the first week of toilet training.

How many times should the child be lifted at night in toilet training?

You can do this by tracking how often your child wets diapers at night. For example, for the first days, you can wake your child to go to the toilet 2-3 times a night. In the following days, when the child gets used to this order, the frequency of waking up will decrease and he will get up himself without the need for you to wake him up.

Should diapers be tied at night during toilet training?

One of the most curious subjects about toilet training in children is whether it is necessary to tie a diaper at night! As we mentioned above, if the child has not yet grasped how to keep his diaper dry during the day, it will not be possible to keep him dry at night.

You are likely to encounter nighttime bedwetting in toilet training. That’s why you need to pay attention to some signs before night toilet training and diaper tying.

  • Is the diaper dry when you get up in the morning?
  • Does he say he wants to wake up at night and go to pee?
  • Does she want to be uncomfortable when she pees in her diaper and wants to take it off?
  • Does he just want to urinate in the morning?

If you see such signs in your child, you can gradually give up the nighttime diaper routine. However, there is one thing you should be very careful about. If you have completely removed the diaper from under your baby, you should never wear it with the thought that it will leak at night. Being without a diaper during the day and having a diaper at night confuses the child and he finds the comfort of using diapers again. That’s why it’s best for you to stop using diapers at night from the 3rd day of your baby’s toilet training and take action to get used to pee at night!

How can you support your child’s night toilet training process?

  • You can chat with him about whether he wants to take off his diaper.
  • You should be ready to encounter a wet bed in the morning. That’s why you can lay a waterproof cloth under your child.
  • You must be positive. You shouldn’t be angry with your child if he or she gets under it. Remember, he’s not doing this on purpose.
  • You should avoid drinking fluids before going to sleep. If he is thirsty, of course, you should allow him to drink water, but you should cut down on drinks such as milk and fruit juice before sleeping.
  • You need to make sure he empties his bladder completely before going to bed. Again, you have to convince him to pee first thing when he wakes up in the morning.
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